Friday, July 19, 2013

I hope Jagex can update some quests

Name: Underground wizard
Description: craft 1 of every type of rune
Levels required to complete: 77 runecrafting
Other content required (if known): lunar diplomacy is the only quest I think

Name: ...and he's gone
Description: Kill Blink
Levels required to complete: 95 dungeoneering buy runescape accounts
Other content required (if known):

Name: Nice guys finish last
Description: be the last person to click 'end' on the ladder at the end of a dungeon in a five man team
Levels required to complete: none
Other content required (if known): none sell rs accounts

Friday, July 12, 2013

RS2 interface beta is so good

I think the interface beta just has way too much going on, and the click to talk thing to chat is annoying, please look into fixing that. Also, the icons on the bottom right hand corner are also confusing, I think you should rs accounts for sale be able to move the current interfaces around, and I also think there should be a zoom out for the camera. Also, the chat system is too mainstream, too much like other mmos. The interface beta needs a lot of work in my opinion.

sell rs accounts

when are you going to fix the crapy server's i cant even enter the world selection area what the heck lmao there goes my last day of mems :c LOl  Forget the new stuff, the last 4 days after half an hour of play or less RS dies on me and then says try another server. Fix that will you.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

June BTS is exciting

My bad, I meant mid-level monsters. I tend to use a mindspike as a weapon (call me a cheapskate), and it annoys me to no end when I miss 17 out of 20 Wind Waves on a level 60 monster. This wouldn't have happened pre-EoC.
Actually, I'm like you; my first day as a member was in May last year. Currently at 86% completed.

I quite liked the reworks, although Amascut having level 5 minions were kinda dumb, and Rune Mysteries/Memories broke the lore by assuming  rs accounts for sale that runecrafting was already a known skill. Except Demon Slayer, that sucked. They really should focus on finishing up incomplete storylines, though.

In any case, I don't pay to wait. I resubbed in late February for The World Wakes and anticipated more quests. I don't have time to play Runescape anymore, I flew into Melbourne a few days ago and my university semester starts later this month. I honestly regret subscribing these few months, there was nothing for me to sell rs accounts enjoy.

I remember people telling me in the June BTS to be patient. Patience my ass.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I have been a diablo fan since the 90s

I have been a diablo fan since the 90s. Diablo 3 was anticlimactic to say the least, and had no storyline. i still attempted to sell it to my other friends only because of what impact part 1 n 2 left on me. D3 story is weak, gameplay is below par and drops (not played for 6 mths) suck. thanks for reanimating a dead corpse of a franchise one last time!Will the console interface be introduced to the PC version? Since I've moved all my PC gaming except WoW to the living room PC with a controller this would be awesome Diablo 3 items for sale.

Yeah, there are still haters around, because nobody asked for a hybrid Warcraft/Diablo game. Period. People wanted a shiny awesome version of a game that is 12 years old and still played heavily to this day. Failure sell Diablo 3 account.

D3 is dead. Stop trying to make some more money! It's not going to work Blizzard -.-!I never heard of a beta test for a game that's over a year old already... oh but wait that's what Activision blizzard does now... remakes old things to milk the cash cow dry. Waste of space much at E3? Who cares if it's on Consoles now, stop treating it as if it hasn't come out yet.every game you recently made sucks, wow is tanking like a 5000 ton rock. D3 is seen as mostly a subpar game by a good bit of fans. Your entire company literally has not made a single good thing or new game what soever. Here's hopping this game tanks d3 account

Monday, July 1, 2013

go wandering around Tirannwn aside from Hunting

As much as I hate this kind of posting, I have to agree. If you don't like the lodestones, don't use them. As Elipile outlined in the post above, most of the lodestones have much more convenient alternatives anyway.

As for the new ones:

- Oo'glog: Easily accessible by charter from Sarim (either via the lodestone in Port Sarim or by the Captain's Log teleport (or of course any charter dock)). Most of the useful features of the 'town' are at the ship end anyway
- Lletya: Aside from quests, there's not really much reason to go wandering around Tirannwn aside from Hunting. Most of the useful features buying runescape account in the area are in Lletya or, again, accessible by charter. The teleport crystal can be easily recharged by NPC Contact sell runescape accounts
- Canifis: House teleport with a Kharyll portal near the entrance will always be quicker, although bloods aren't the cheapest of items for some people
- Wilderness: Another hotspot for pkers. There's plenty of ways to get into the wildy already
- Eagles Peak: Fairy Ring
- Karamja: Probably fairy ring, cart system etc.

In other words, none are actually necessary, but all are nice.

Friday, June 28, 2013

there is hacks in D3

O NOW BLIZZ ADMITS there is hacks. YET, in the first month or two they denied the constant hacks.I think people bot because.... well there's really nothing more to do.... why do the same thing over and over again when you can have a bot do it... add more content!!!! To make it fun diablo 3 gold so sone people will actually play and not bot.

Game might be ok if you got rid of the auction house, and did a server restart, or some kinda ladder system. Jay Wilson built this game to fail but you guys have the money and the resources to buy diablo 3 gold do something great. Please for the sake of one of the best game titles fix it.there's always hackers, if the blizzard is active... Diablo 3 can still last for long term, but too bad they not.... that's why the game die before a year!Yet bots run rampant on wow and you dont care due to diablo being able to make real money

 I have 2 friends who have botted the s**t out of this game and have yet to get banned so there.......that is how i know this is BS.That was the nice thing in diablo 2, if a player had a map hack to see what the whole area looked like, nobody knew but the player.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lodestones really need some restrictions

Jagex, I am reading your forums thread and us players are not happy with this update, as you can clearly see. If this is supposed to be the year you listen to us ("supposed to be" then please hear us out. Lodestones really need some restrictions placed at the very least. Since you do not seem to go back on implementing content I've noticed, at least do damage control with what you've done.

On a side note, I made a fresh account last week and with 1 Agility and full steel armor on I ran across the entire world before I ran out of energy. Besides shortcuts, the skill is dreadfully slow to train compared to nowadays and useless now with all these lodestones. So now my question, how do you plan on fixing
selling runescape accounts Agility?

I think the best update jagex could possibly do is scale up the entire map by a factor of at least 3. It's so small and crowded buy runescape accountit feels like a theme park rather than an actual believable world. There's no sense of adventure and exploration either. I can understand that the game was created this way because of technical limitations but that's no longer the case. No worries. It's like the Eoc, players are in both camps. Not to mention our community is really hostile for little reason.  (not talking about you; you were nice)

Monday, June 24, 2013

I like the 5.3 changes

I like the 5.3 changes.  I like that running arena on my monk, I have 15k conquest cap instead of 1.5.  I just came back from a large wow-break, and that was a pleasant surprise.

 Pvp, at least for me, isn't as complicated as Pve.  I like to do both, but due to time restraints I find it easier to pvp.  Apply slows, healing debuffs, and cc when appropriate.  There is no rotation, and there is a heavier emphasis on keeping yourself alive.

Healers probably have the easiest transition.  Just keep your group alive.  However, if you're fighting in arena you may need to get wowgold focus on instant spells.  Running away while spamming small heals is the general way to stay alive.

Arena 2v2 is easy to win points in.  Even if you're in questing grreens, if you lose enough matches you'll eventually be brought to a low mmr against other green-wearing players.  Losses don't mean anything here, and it rewards a lot of conquest.  I don't know why people are intimidated by these, but if you're looking for the loot pinata of pvp hit up some 2s.  There are people on every server willing to trade gold for points if it comes down to it.  "1000 gold if you can get me 3k conquest in 2s"  You'll have people reply.

Yes. Not because of the changes. Because my hunter needs a bunch of gear so I can help to sell wow accounts defend Ironforge from all the horde that can't figure out it's easier to get the flame and not try to fight every guard in the Explorer's league!

For those trying to get more honor in your diet, don't forget about the PvP dailies in Grizzly Hills. In the SE part of the zone, Venture Bay, there are 4 dailies you can do that will net you 50 honor a piece. One of them is for unflagged NPCs. Turn on your "low level" quest tracking so you can easily find the quest givers. One is North of the others and up on a hill.

If you are still a little leery about doing PvP right now, remember 5.4 will bring upgrades to the crafted PvP gear. Of course there will be a new discovery for it.

As far as using PvE gear goes. It's not fun. Having no PvP power really hurts. You don't last very long versus fully PvP geared folks. They seem to always know who you are and take you out quick.

Friday, June 21, 2013

In PvP

Well guys, If I have a warlock this notice will suck, it must be fun casting chaos bolt while kitting lol, In PvP I think this was needed (and I do 3v3 WITH a destro lock, I'm being objective), In PvE it was FINE just like before, but with this fix was needed, really needed for PvP, I THINK it's still a good choice for PvE locks (maybe the better), and you can avoid aoe with no wow gold for sale substantial loss to dps and at max speed (I don't know really) that's why I said it was a good improve, nort a nerf here; Soulstone?, Fear?, cast it like every one other class casts Hex, Poly, Rebirth, etc: standing on their foot, I don't really see the problem; the only problem I see is that you (i refer not YOU, but the "average warlock") get too used to it that now you can't imagine how to use your class without it, and it's a TALENT, not a basic class ability, this should not had happen in the first place.

Destroyed mages mastery to only effecting Fingers of Frost Ice lances and the frostfire bolt That's honeslty horrible the little buffs your giving to buy wow accounts the other spells does not nearly compensate in any manor. Guess mages were the next target to get hit by this massive nerf bat bllizz found. Feeling for you guys. Haha needed a bit of a burst nerf but not that much its a shame lawl.

Frost Mage / Frost Mage 2s comb. Both will go invisible to your and your partner asses, will root you, pop up Dps Trinket/offensive CDS, frozen orb, etc... DID YOU TRINKETED SOME !@#$?, doesn't matter, you will get rooted again instantly; did you pop up all your %^-*ing defensive cds?, doesn't matter, you will die in 3 secs.

I can tell you this: I have seen NO frost mage that doesn't open that way in a 2v2 arena, and it worked, becouse of their ridiculous burst damage plus their roots to get your !@# right were they want to to faceroll their rotation. Similar to BM hunters, VERY similar.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

They will ALWAYS give a 2 month notice

They will ALWAYS give a 2 month notice. Want to know the main reasoning why? People who xfer. They would be very pissed if they didn't get an announcement, because of the fact you can't get server 1st's until 60 days of being on that server. It would contradict everything blizzard has ever done anyways. I guarantee that they won't do this because the majority of the hardcore players (PVP mostly) transfer battle groups a fair amount of buying wow accounts times. And it would piss off a lot of people. I for one know if I xfer tomorrow and it gets dropped before 60 days, i would quit. A lot of people like server firsts.

That is the risk you take. To transfer now, when you know the MoP release is imminent, would not be wise. To quit playing the game, which I dont believe you would do for a second, after you decided to transfer this close to release is pretty ridiculous. Blaming Blizz and rage quitting for your own wowgold bad decision is hilarious.

Im not talking about JUST lvl 90 server firsts im talking about professions raids ect there are a LOT of server firsts not just 11. The only thing they have said was its coming out. They furthermore havent said anything about it being near. I'm still going with my better judgement and saying MoP will NOT be out before october. You are all entitled to your own opinions as am I. Im not here to argue. Bottom line my opinion is that it will not release until at least october. Thats all i was getting at.

Monday, June 17, 2013

I enjoy the out-of-game stuff

I like having some out-of-game lore. There are certainly some powerful scenes in-game that have resonated with players (such as Bolvar clearing the Throne Room of dragons), but most of the stuff in the books just feels "deeper." The in-game system is limited without a lot of text that people don't want to read or lots of cutscenes that require voice acting and such. (Then again, I LOVE all the interactive cutscenes in SWTOR.)

I enjoy the out-of-game stuff, but even though it's canon it often feels unacknowledged in-game. It's a two-edged sword. I think it'd be nice if stuff that happened out-of-game had an in-game element. Quest, cut-scene, limited-time event, something. That would help it be a real part of wowgold the game and world, but the real depth could come from the books. Also, said in-game stuff should be added sometime after the books/whatever.

Recently, I went through Teldrassil as a lowbie druid and noted down all the NPCs in particular areas as well as the quests they assigned you (with additionally some notes from NPCs you don't interact with but buy wow accounts have interesting things to say). Suffice it to say I find that a much more enjoyable way to discovering lore and story than reading short stories, novels, or even reading wowpedia or wowwiki (rarely).  When you learn yourself through the game you actually grow with the story, and you feel like to are uncovering the secret drama that everyone else leveling around you seems to have ignored.

I don't think I'll ever play WoW the same way again (click on quest-giver; auto-accept, repeat ad. infinitum).  There's just so many interesting micro-stories going on in the background.  I used to think that quest givers had boring text, but that was before I actually READ it.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

In the Shattering

In the Shattering, it is made very clear that Moira wants to rule Ironforge. It is made very clear that she dislikes the partriarchial attitude that Dwarves have. And it is shown that Varian is the one who decrees that the Dwarves have a council -- and she is shown to be unhappy with this. In Blood in the Snow, this is all forgotten. Now she falls in line like cheap wow gold a good little soldier. I'm not saying I know where Blizzard is going with it, what I am saying is that how she acted in Blood in the Snow had no foreshadowing, no indication of her prior, very grey, character development. And I don't trust them to change that, based on the way past characters have developed.

She's very grey. She's doing what she's doing for the Forsaken. If you read her short story, there's no "I want to destroy the world, mwahahaha". That would be black. She has several motivations, some very dark (vengeance), some sympathetic (preserving her people) that interact to buy wow accounts to produce results that swerve between very dark (Koltira), and pretty light (using a hostage to end a battle before more lives were lost). She's certainly not all black -- don't be a Scarlet Crusader, and look at things from both sides.

"don't be a Scarlet Crusader, and look at things from both sides." Perhaps use that quote and apply it to your views on Moria. Fact is that no one here is Blizzard and therefore can only speculate not sell wow accounts to make such ironclad claims. I personally believe Moria saw that she cannot get her way by force so she has got to play the long game, I think she will seize the upper hand when the moment comes along and not a moment before. Politic-ing seems to be tricky game with a lot of knives in the dark.

Friday, June 7, 2013

BlizzCon Art and Movie Contests

Submissions are now being taken for the BlizzCon Art and Movie Contests! Whether you're an artist with a penchant for scribbling masterpieces of Blizzard-inspired material, or your creative tendencies dwell more in machinima and film, both contests are open and now taking entries. Winners will receive a variety of prizes, and have their work featured at BlizzCon 2013, where throngs of attendees can admire your unique skills!

For the Art Contest, all you need to do is create your best piece of art based on Blizzard material from any of their games. The first place winner will receive $1,500, second place will receive $1,000, and third place will receive $700 -- and all three winners will receive a ticket to sell wow accounts BlizzCon as well. All entries must be receive by August 23, and meet the formatting requirements. And remember, the contest is for original works -- Photoshop manipulations don't count. Check out the official rules for more information.

For the Movie Contest, films both live action and using in game footage -- or a combination of both -- featuring Blizzard's game universes are now being taken for consideration. Prizes for this year's movie contest include $2,000 and an Oswald Statue for first place, $1,250 for cheapest wow accounts second place, and $750 for third place. And again, all three winners will receive a ticket to Blizzcon as well! Movies must be no more than three minutes in length, and as with the Art Contest, all submissions must be received by August 23. Take a look at the official rules for more information.

To submit your entries, simply head to the official page for both contests. Good luck to all who enter!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

normal raider

This is a fantastic idea by Blizzard. No skin in the game here as a normal raider, but I've long advocated some sort of difficulty level between LFR, which is faceroll and impersonal, and Normal modes, which honestly aren't for everyone. I'm just a bit leery because the last time they implemented an additional raid difficulty, we got the worst raid in WoW's history (8 bosses, almost no new models or locations).

Things I would like to see happen:

1) The gear needs to be low ilvl enough to be unattractive to normal and Heroic raiders. It's bad enough that I feel I have to run bosses in LFR to chase drops (still have a damn 489 shield), but having a third difficulty to buy wow accounts run would lead to massive burnout among my raiders. I'm already worried that I'm going to have to run an additional flex day to practice on bosses.

2) Scale down smaller in size, 8 or even 5 people for those friends and family guilds. 5 people would probably sound the death knell for 5-mans though.

3) Make it easier to find groups in-game. People shouldn't have to rely on cheap wow gold a website or addons to find groups.

4) Come up with a better name than flex. It just doesn't seem to roll off the tongue.

I actually think it would make some sense to have LFR and Flex share the same lockout. Reality is unless everything shares a lockout (which seems to be pretty torn among the playerbase, some people want it to sell wow accounts, some people don't) people are always going to try and gear as fast as they can.

At a minimum, though, if you locked LFR and Flex together it would at least make it so people would have to stay away from LFR if they wanted the better loot and just by nature of it not being a PUG (or if it is, it's a PUG you have control over) Flex runs should move at a faster pace than LFR in most cases (assuming they have the same amount of trash).

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mass Exorcism

I didn't truly "get into" Mass Exorcism until 5.2, at the behest of a friend. I was quite hesitant to sacrifice the ranged nature of Exorcism for some AoE damage, but she insisted that I glyph Mass Exo for a week and get used to it. Reluctantly I grabbed the glyph off the auction house and scribbled it into my spellbook. Three raid days later I was as pleased as could be at the boost to my DPS, but I think the larger change occurred in my cheapest wow accounts perspective.

One encounter for which I thought I needed an at-range Exo was Lei Shen. The tanks kite the boss from corner to corner, adds pop up in different quadrants during transitional phases, and winds push you every which way near the end of the fight -- all of these seemed to beg for more ranged abilities to be able to handle them. As it turns out, though, I was thinking of selling world of warcaraft accounts it the wrong way. Instead of seeing myself forced out of melee range, saying, "Well, if I have to be out here I should do as much DPS as I can until I can get back," what I really should have been thinking was, "How can I get back into melee range as quickly as possible?"

We are a melee class; as much as some of us want shockadins to be real and viable, the bulk of retribution's damage comes from hitting things really hard with a two-handed weapon. Therefore, instead of focusing on how to maximize DPS during those few moments when I was punted away from a boss, I should have been trying to find ways to minimize the time I spent away from the orbit of my foe.

Of course, encounters with only one target do not quite necessitate the use of Mass Exo, but I have found that unglyphing it only to get best wow gold avoid the cleave (on Primordius or Twin Consorts, for example) helps me focus on what's important.

I bring these points up not to taunt warriors or other ill-equipped classes and specs, but as a roundabout way of saying that I can sympathize. These abilities didn't exist before Mists, which to me shows that things can and will change. Exorcism hit like a wet noodle in Wrath, and there were many, many instances where using your Art of War proc to cast a Flash of Light instead would be a better use of your time. Look at Exorcism now: its damage is second only to Hammer of Wrath, and when glyphed it can be an amazing source of AoE DPS.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

good movie adaptations come from taking the essence

I don't think that's a good idea, and here's why: good movie adaptations come from taking the essence and essentials of their source material and making that work as a movie.

Take the Marvel movies, for example.  They don't try to completely recreate the Marvel universe on screen, with its decades upon decades of stories, characters, retcons, and tangled storylines.  (Sound familiar?)  The movies take what makes the characters who they are and create new stories based on that. "Iron Man" changed Tony Stark's origin so he was wounded in selling wow accounts Afghanistan instead of Vietnam, but kept the shrapnel heading toward his heart and the capture that led to get fast wow gold to him creating the Iron Man suit, and so on and so forth.  It wasn't a direct re-telling of a story from the comics, it was a new version of that story made for the screen, which is why it worked as well as it did.

A WoW movie made to follow canon directly would, I think, be a mess, because Warcraft canon wasn't made for that.  Hopefully the screenwriter can find what makes Warcraft what it is (no, not just big shoulder armor, though I hope we see some of that) and find a way to make it work as a movie, not as a video game series.

They already said way back when that the movie would star none of the existing characters from the games, nor feature any plotlines from WoW. It will center on a human commander.

I think this is pretty much a good way to get world of warcraft accounts non-players into the movie, and a bad way to do a movie for the fans.

They have announced so much of this movie, and it's stopping and starting, and script changes, and director changes, when it's actually in post-production, I will believe it is actually coming out.

While I agree with Jordan Phillips below.  I kind of want them to include major characters in the movie as well.  I'm thinking Blizzard might see this as a way to open new people to starting the game. 

If my friends (who don't play WoW) really like a character in the movie, they may want to see what the game is like.  It would be somewhat disheartening (in my opinion) if they then find out that "awesome character" doesn't even show up in the games.  It could still get them in the door...

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Battle for the Undercity

Although the battle at the Wrathgate proved pivotal in erasing all tentative peace between Alliance and Horde, for a moment it appeared as though that peace would actually come to pass. Bolvar and Saurfang appeared to be almost comrades on the battlefield, fighting side-by-side with apparent respect for each other. It wasn't until Putress launched his attack on both forces that it all came crashing down -- and what the Alliance seemed all too willing to forget was that the attack was not just on us wow gold Alliance forces, but on Horde forces as well.

When Varian pushed into the Undercity, it wasn't to reclaim it for Sylvanas. It was to reclaim it for the Alliance. He had absolutely no interest in hearing about what had really occurred at the Wrathgate. He had no interest in looking at Sylvanas or the Forsaken with anything but disgust. And who can blame him? The halls of Lordaeron were once Varian's home -- they were shelter and a place of comfort after Stormwind was destroyed in selling wow accounts the First War. For that matter, Varian held absolutely no love for the orcs, and why would he -- he was just a child when he watched his father die at the hands of Garona.

If Jaina hadn't intervened, it's entirely likely either Varian or Thrall would be dead right now. And the Alliance and Horde would have wasted their time murdering each other over it instead of focusing on the real issue -- the Lich King. But there's really one moment in history that stands above all as the moment this all began ... and the ramifications of that moment continue to this day.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


What does it do? Allows you to pick herbs, which are primarily used for alchemy and inscription. In addition to being able to harvest herbs from the ground, you'll encounter the occasional plant-based monster that you can gather herbs from.

Do I need any gear? Though nothing is required, carrying the Herbalist's Spade in your inventory gives +10 to your herbalism skill. There are also bags specifically to carry herbs if you find your inventory swamped with herbs.

Do I get any extras? Herbalists have access to buy cheap wow gold the spell Lifeblood, an instant-cast self-heal that temporarily boosts your haste rating. It's very useful at low levels and still provides a small boost at higher levels.

Why take herbalism? If you want to do Alchemy or Inscription, Herbalism is highly recommended so you can pick your own herbs instead of having to buy them on the auction house. But if you want to make wow money, Herbalism by itself is a good option, too -- just take your herbs to the auction house to sell.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Haste affects RPPM

RPPM proc chances aren't based on your weapon speed, they're dynamically calculated during combat based on the time since the last attack landed. Abilities like Slice and Dice don't change your proc chance, since the increased number of attacks landing during SnD is accounted for in the dynamic formula. Unleashing a flurry of attacks with Killing Spree doesn't guarantee that you'll see a proc.

The only thing that affects the RPPM proc chance positively is pure haste. Haste rating on your gear, the 5% haste buff that's common in raids, and Bloodlust are the main three ways to obtain pure haste. If you have 20% haste on your gear and 5% from the raid buff, you'll see 25% more RPPM procs. A 2 RPPM proc like Windsong would then produce 2.5 RPPM procs. It's important to selling wow accounts realize that the increased proc chance comes not from the increased number of attacks, but rather from the haste itself factoring into the RPPM formula. Haste grants you extra attacks, and separately boosts your RPPM procs.

Haste vs mastery

Mastery has been assassination's go-to stat for most of Mists of Pandaria. In equal amounts, it typically beat crit, expertise, and haste. We've been stacking mastery via our gems and enchants, and reforging to it where possible. However, we are seeing more rogues start to get best wow gold prioritize haste over mastery, and that can be confusing to rogues that are used to mastery being the top stat.

Because haste positively affects the proc chance of RPPM procs, rogues with a lot of RPPM effects will see a lot of improvement when they add haste. If you're sporting the Capacitive Primal Diamond in your helm with the trinket pair of Renataki's Soul Charm and Talisman of Bloodlust with Dancing Steel on both of your weapons, haste will improve the proc chances of all of those effects. Now, instead of just increasing your number of attacks, haste is improving these RPPM procs.

When does haste outpace mastery? When does mastery outpace haste? Shadowcraft has the answer you're looking for. Shadowcraft does a pretty good buying wow accounts job of modeling the various RPPM effects and items, although the Rune of Re-Origination might be wonky (but is generally bad). The decision between stacking haste or mastery is deeply dependent on your specific gear. There's no reason to generalize (no RPPM trinkets = go mastery!) because Shadowcraft is going to give you the most accurate answer, and it's quick and easy to use.

Are we having fun yet?

The next step is to decide who you want to have fun with and identify what each of you thinks would be fun to do in game –- and therein lies your greatest challenge. Let's look at some common scenarios and then flip back to some classic Drama Mamas resource links to help you work through your plan buying wow gold.

    Is the thing that you typically end up doing in WoW what you actually enjoy doing in WoW? Do you harbor any assumptions about game goals -– for example, "To fully enjoy WoW, one must raid"?
    If you and a gaming partner or group have different ideas of in-game fun, could a compromise or an entirely new playstyle bridge the gap?
    Is there a right way and a wrong way to bring a brand new player into the game?
    How can you divide up different characters on different realms to fit with various groups of friends -– say, family members and college buddies?
    What are you looking for in a guild? What sort of group will help you enjoy playing World of Warcraft? Let's figure it out -- and if you're looking for a particularly specialized type of guild, we've included a few niche group suggestions to kickstart your research.
    It's not just about content and playstyle; sometimes it's our attitudes about how to approach grouping and other players that cements or sell wow accounts sunders a partnership.
    Don't forget that any adjustments you make to your availability and character choice carries ramifications for others who play with you. Don't neglect their needs.

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Darkspear Rebellion

Which is where the Darkspear Rebellion comes in. This wasn't a sudden decision on Vol'jin's part. If it had been, he would've done it the moment he and Garrosh exchanged heated words, shown in a brief scene to new troll players. He wouldn't have threatened to kill Garrosh, he would've simply killed him point-blank without waiting to buying wow gold see what Garrosh would do. He wouldn't have given Garrosh the opportunity to command any kind of loyalty, or build up an army of Kor'kron wholly devoted to defending the Warchief. Instead, Vol'jin made a strategic retreat to wait and see, hoping that Garrosh would somehow prove himself again. And Garrosh did -- he proved to the Darkspear, and to everyone else, that he only had the best interests of the orcs of the Horde at heart. He proved that he cared little for the other races of the Horde. He proved that he would take whatever ruthless, bullheaded moves he had to make in order to ensure the Horde's survival -- to where to sell wow accounts ensure the orcs' survival. As far as Garrosh is concerned, the rest of the Horde isn't really worth bothering with. It was apparent to Vol'jin right away, and perhaps in a way to Baine as well, but it took time for the others to see it -- Sylvanas witnessed it in Silverpine. Lor'themar and the blood elves didn't really witness it in full until patch 5.1. The goblins only just witnessed Garrosh's true opinion of them in the patch 5.3 scenario, Dark Heart of Pandaria. Vol'jin would not have had the support of the other Horde races behind him, had he killed Garrosh back in Cataclysm -- and in his own way, he likely knew that. He certainly has their support now.

Friday, May 24, 2013

verdadera enfermedadSee

Hope youre resting peacefully, Ezra. So many times, including now, have I shed a tears for you. But I am glad youre not suffering anymore. Glad I can always help with Kyle from time to buy wow gold time. Youre voice is haunting at times. But I am glad youre an Elder. Smile down on Azeroth.  I remember this quest, I did it on my Tauren Warrior and I was happy to see that they gave that oportunity to someone, that I must say was worth it.

nose si reirme o llorar, para que un niño con una enfermedad asi, en lo unico que piense es en jugar world of warcraft hay que ver cual es su verdadera enfermedadSee Translation. remember the first time I googled, "Finely crafted to Ezra's specifications." and read the story that went along with it. I also remember the first time I googled the dwarf Rousch and his back story. Really pulled at the ol' heart strings.

thats so amazing! I remember when Blizzard did this...I love wow and always will I love Ahab! he's so awesome and I remember reading the story behind it and it just broke my heart and made it happy all at once...Rest in Peace Ezra Azeroth smiles on you everyday hunny Many blessings and loves. "I asked him to think about why he likes to play cheap wow accounts and one thing he said was he likes interacting with people he doesn't know. No matter how crappy things are going on the outside, in the real world, he can be strong and successful and really turn heads in WoW." Blizz, as someone whose cousin had a wish from MAWF, I love and respect what you did for Ezra. I'm also ECSTATIC that you've put his crossbow back in-game!