Monday, July 1, 2013

go wandering around Tirannwn aside from Hunting

As much as I hate this kind of posting, I have to agree. If you don't like the lodestones, don't use them. As Elipile outlined in the post above, most of the lodestones have much more convenient alternatives anyway.

As for the new ones:

- Oo'glog: Easily accessible by charter from Sarim (either via the lodestone in Port Sarim or by the Captain's Log teleport (or of course any charter dock)). Most of the useful features of the 'town' are at the ship end anyway
- Lletya: Aside from quests, there's not really much reason to go wandering around Tirannwn aside from Hunting. Most of the useful features buying runescape account in the area are in Lletya or, again, accessible by charter. The teleport crystal can be easily recharged by NPC Contact sell runescape accounts
- Canifis: House teleport with a Kharyll portal near the entrance will always be quicker, although bloods aren't the cheapest of items for some people
- Wilderness: Another hotspot for pkers. There's plenty of ways to get into the wildy already
- Eagles Peak: Fairy Ring
- Karamja: Probably fairy ring, cart system etc.

In other words, none are actually necessary, but all are nice.

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