Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I have been a diablo fan since the 90s

I have been a diablo fan since the 90s. Diablo 3 was anticlimactic to say the least, and had no storyline. i still attempted to sell it to my other friends only because of what impact part 1 n 2 left on me. D3 story is weak, gameplay is below par and drops (not played for 6 mths) suck. thanks for reanimating a dead corpse of a franchise one last time!Will the console interface be introduced to the PC version? Since I've moved all my PC gaming except WoW to the living room PC with a controller this would be awesome Diablo 3 items for sale.

Yeah, there are still haters around, because nobody asked for a hybrid Warcraft/Diablo game. Period. People wanted a shiny awesome version of a game that is 12 years old and still played heavily to this day. Failure sell Diablo 3 account.

D3 is dead. Stop trying to make some more money! It's not going to work Blizzard -.-!I never heard of a beta test for a game that's over a year old already... oh but wait that's what Activision blizzard does now... remakes old things to milk the cash cow dry. Waste of space much at E3? Who cares if it's on Consoles now, stop treating it as if it hasn't come out yet.every game you recently made sucks, wow is tanking like a 5000 ton rock. D3 is seen as mostly a subpar game by a good bit of fans. Your entire company literally has not made a single good thing or new game what soever. Here's hopping this game tanks d3 account

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