Saturday, April 27, 2013

Will RS3 Improve some mini-games

I have an idea to alpha / beta wich would be awesome if added to real game later on. so we r able to see distant lands right, it would be so amazing! if we would be able to see people too that would be like wow!!Hmm, Guess f2p gets no say in an update once again, nothing new though, I'm not even mad lmfao. I'm used to it. How about if an update is going to be released for cheap runescape accounts and both f2p and p2p you let both test it, just a suggestion, God you need to open your eyes and fix this mess you've made of Runescape.

Awesome update, I got into the Html5 Beta so didn't get selected for this one which sucks, wanted be in both. People need learn to adapt and evolve with change or quit.When are you guys going to finish unbanning/muting the people that got wrongfully banned and muted on the 18 April.. it has been a long wait, I haven't been able to get onto selling runescape accounts the beta yet! looks good I was just trying to finish my progress on 2007 before I got the beta. Will RS3 Improve some mini-games such as FoG, it is currently dead as players are no longer attracted to it. Its rewards are Great but inaccessible since no one plays it.
I would love to see it alive again.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Which OldSchool RuneScape area have you enjoyed revisiting the most?

Ardougne. It's always been my favorite city. It was one of the first Members places I found on my own after I got my first subscription nine years ago. City of thieves!none because your damn account guardian doesnt reconise my pc and its the same one ive been using for the last 3 years ( ip address has changed twice ) but same IP address since ive had the guardian. I'm sorry to hear you are selling runescape accounts and having problems with JAG, if you drop our teams an email at they should be able to solve the problem for you asap! -Sabre


Didn't like the GE or EoC - I love the way 07 is except for ALL THE BOTS EVERYWHERE. That really needs to be first of things to get rid of. BOTS are CHEATERS that don't know how to play the game. I hate cheaters and it spoils the game. GET RID OF THE BOTS.just want cheap runescape accounts 2007 servers back eoc has ruined runescape no ones on ever.. should just let us transfer our chars in 2007 delete eoc boom economy back and your skillers pvpers pvmers will be back. boom done runescape comes back

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Runescape Old School

If you are a runescape player and love the old school runescpae, you may know there is a poll on the old school runescape servers on the official rs website community which is also a good and big forum for all rs lovers. Several weeks ago, this topic was hot discussed by a part of rs gamers especially 2007 rs players. Although the outcome of the poll was a bit slower than planed, the Jagex game studio still released the old school for all the players no matter you are a newbie or an old one. This updates also intents to thanks for the support and love of the games of this wonderful game and the loyal vast users of runescape.

Yourself is the only one can decide the time, the energy and the money you want to spend on the game as well as the equipment fee and membership fee even the runescape accounts fee for there are many people choosing to buy runescape accounts from the Internet nowadays. Return to the topic of old school runescape, it is said there were over 170,000 votes support the old school runescape. Though the number is very small when compared to the 200 million users of the game, it presents the popularity and the good reputation of the old school runescape which can attract many old runescape players to come back to the game. In fact, this is also a good news to the 2007 runescape players and the runescape accounts sellers for 07 players can enjoy the wonderful again and rs accounts sellers can earn some money from the 07 rs accounts and 07 runescape gold.

Another good news for the old school runescape is that every runescape players who vote for the poll can get a free month membership regardless of the outcome of the poll. So, if you also want to join the old school of the game, you can join the poll on the community of the official website which usually gives you the latest news and game guide. I’m so glad the game can release the old school for all rs gamers to join the wonderful MMORP. If you are worry about the runescape account, you can buy runescape account on or some other websites that are professional in virtual goods selling. Well, if you want to earn some real money from the game, you can reach that by selling runescape accounts on Internet. Be carful to choose a reliable website.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

RS3 Beta Programme

Registration for the RuneScape 3 Beta Programme kicks off on 3rd April 2013!

RuneScape 3 was announced by Mod Mark and Mod Pips in last week's Behind the Scenes Bonus Edition. Coming this summer, it'll revolutionise the way you play, with upgraded graphics and audio, a customisable interface, and player-driven gameplay on an epic scale. We want you to be involved from the start, so we're launching a beta programme to give you a preview of two of its main components and gather your feedback before the main release.

First up, we'll be running a beta of the new HTML5 client. The beta client will access the live servers, so you can bask in its full glory while still earning XP and making progress in the main game!

A week after that, we'll also release the alpha version of the all-new, customisable interface system. This'll be on dedicated alpha servers only, but you'll definitely want to log in and take a look. More details on this to come soon!

Gold and Silver Premier Club members will buy runescape account automatically get access to all parts of the programme, and all other RuneScape members can register their interest from next Wednesday. We intend to take a wide range in both player level and PC specifications and those chosen will be notified prior to the opening of the programme, and we’ll add more players as it progresses. If you don't get in right away, don't worry - all members will have a chance to try out the content and offer feedback before release.

Check out our Beta Programme FAQ if you’d like to find out more.

To summarise the key dates you need to be aware of selling runescape accounts are:

    3rd April: Registration for the RuneScape 3 Beta Programme is opened to members.
    10th April: Registration closes.
    17th April: HTML5 beta begins.
    24th April: New interface alpha begins.

Having access to these groundbreaking new features from as early as alpha stage is a golden opportunity for you to give us your feedback. Be sure to register your interest next week, and help shape RuneScape 3 into the game that you want to see!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


 I have a question. I have been a runescape player scine early 06. I have made mistakes like '' doubled money'' legitimately. And my ban and mute meter is green and been like that for AGES. But for being a dedicated player I don't get to become a Mod? Why?  I don't understand how these rares are so important and lifesaving to the game of cheap RuneScape accounts. I started 07 Scape from day one, and all I've seen is people happy with what they have for once in many years. I have never seen people running around complaining about rares not being around anymore. People are here to enjoy the game, train their skills, fight in the wilderness, socialize...This game isn't about having all the shiny, rare, and expensive items. I think we all have seen what route rares took in EoC. It's just a massive popularity contest, and to reach that goal, many scam or RWT just to achieve them. Although introducing them may have no immediate negative effect, obviously after about half a year passes, you'll see the massive decline in the attitude and good spirit of the community to selling runescape accounts. It will be a race and hunger for rares, not an appreciation for their old game back.

Thinking of Runescape

I wish to leave some Runescape feedback, since I cannot post feedback on the forums because I'm a non-member. My first problem is the Squeal of Fortune: most of the prizes are member items and are unobtainable in F2P(non-members). This leaves us wasting spins in SoF. I'd like to suggest that either you make all the items available on the SoF available on F2P, and/or give us Runescape accounts selling the option to convert member items into coins, or create two separate SoF's; one for P2P and another for F2P(with no member items being available).--- I Posted this before and it's not getting old anytime soon!

A lot of people are black screening from this update and that chat double thing is irritateing and buy rs account also sound effects arnt working for some honestly ur programmers have wasted there time.

Wait so if it's romantic to kill their significant others in the Duel Arena then can we hold Civil Court there also?! xD

My display name is silaaron, and I sent an email to account help, but have only gotten bot response.

More about this news: click Duel Arena

Monday, April 15, 2013

RuneScape Christmas Carol

hey jagex!! we can change outfits and hair styles but why not FOOTWEAR?! come on!! you guys should let us change footwear in the next update!!!!!! ILL POST THIS IN EVERY RUNESCAPE POST. LIKE THIS IF YOU AGREE, GUYS!! It was a good video, but I think you should put more voice into it like at the end like the screaming, lol! that was an reaction of a voice up but in the beggining selling runescape accounts. The voice of the video dropd the ratings of me wanting to see this video. You guys where talking boring, I actually prefer cheap runescape accounts Tehnoobshow's Christmas Carols video.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

take evolution of combat out

 please either take evolution of combat out and make it how rs was right befor the update or make a server up to date to where it was right befor the combat update where i can have my money and my skills ive played since 2006 and all my work in thi sgame has been wasted ive played almost ever day from 2006-2012 please i would like to playe my favorite game how it was when i last played cheap runescape acccounts.  JAGEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my pc died on me about 10 minutes ago, and i have been trying to log onto my account ever since, it keeps telling me "Your account is already logged in. Try again in 60 secs..." please help i am so close to 70 def on 2007 rs and i would very much like to selling runescape accounts or get it tonight if you don't mind...Look at the crossbow, first most powerfull crossbow in game, that bandos godsword isn't gonna do nothing.. its only a level 70 2h weapon...

Thursday, April 11, 2013


You recently banned me for some reason you never warn anyone or give them a chance to appeal before you banned them dont you think you should give them that right? Im pissed because you must of thought i was a bot BUT i live on the game and dont talk much cause im facebook at the same time SORRY! Oh and it doesnt help that you lose money this way when you get rid of people so i thought id just say you need to think of a new system of banning! Thanks

 Liams "MEGA NERDS" post. Its quite humorous especially as he likes the RuneScape Facebook fan page. I personally love how a community that actaully have real life events to socialise get called the real nerds. We are the ones who can actually get off our bottoms for once as opposed to passing down that opportunity to sit at a computer for a further 12 hours. Some people just don't think before they post TBH. They had to go inside and search for him. They went through every room exept the attic.He wasn't supposed to sleep there to buy cheap runescape accounts. He was supposed to sleep in the living room they went into the attic. They saw Jerry's corpse and they just left because they were scared. But that night they all died because of their friend. He killed the...m all for making him sleep in that house
If you don't send this to 11 comments you will die tonight by Jerry. Example 1:
A man named Stewart Read this and didn't believe it. He shut off his computer and went through his day. That night while he was in bed he heard something outside of his door to selling runescape accounts. He got up to look. And now he's dead. Example 2: A Girl named Haley Read this in the morning and she got scared but she didn't send it. She wanted to know if it was true. She went to school (She was only 13 years old) and that night she died.
If you don't post this on 11 comments tonight Jerry will visit you. im srry im not trying to spam i just got scared by itSee MoreSee More

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Runescape are always hilarious

Comments on any post made by Runescape are always hilarious. People yelling at eachother because the version the other person likes is the worse version of the game. Just play whatever the hell version you like. Calling someone a 'nostalgiafag' Is just stupid and uncalled for.

and was that through the history? Only a short while ago didn't they only have 2,000,000 players? And did this include bots and maybe Gold Farmers. And how many of these "players" were the same person. Don't forget you can only have one character per account. So if you want two toons. You need 2 accounts. Also after a certain point you do hit pretty much endgame. You run out of new weps, armor, and quests. There's really no dungeons either. That'd be considered endgame once you run out of new content.

I just prefer playing a game with a proper community that isn't built around 12 year old pre-mature try-hards. Oh the bots can get in the way too.
No one even calls this game RuneScape anymore. The main game is known as "EOC".
This is because RuneScape has and always will be about the cheap runescape accounts and simplicity game-play of a complex game. It's the complete opposite to other MMORPGs.
Now if you like EOC, that's fine by me. BUT don't think you have one up again 07 players because you don't. Sort out your game community, get the YouTube community back and the forums and guide website etc.
Oh and to those 12 year olds that built the majority of the EOC player base, grow up and learn some proper manors and social skills. I went onto the EOC servers for a bit recently and no one was talking to eachother and if there was a conversation it was similar to "I'm better than you. You suck"

Jagex wont do anything about it because they only care about people buying spins and selling runescape accounts

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

RuneScape Beta Programme: Registration Open

i want castle wars to be gone over with a finely toothed comb, i waited 25 minutes in lobby when before it was 15 then when we went to enter game, everyone in lobby dc'd

The RuneScape Beta Programme - announced last week - is now open for you to register your interest!

If you're a Gold or Silver Premier Club member, you're already registered. As long as you're a RuneScape member you can now register your interest on our sign-up page for a chance to experience our new HTML5 client and interface system first!

Registration is open for one week - until the 10th of April. Once it's closed, we will be selecting groups with cheap runescape accounts range of hardware specs and gameplay styles. We'll notify those chosen before the HTML5 client beta starts on the 17th. The alpha for the new interface system will be launched a week later so even if you don't get in right away, don't worry - we'll be inviting more of you as the programme goes on, and all members will have the chance to try out all these awesome new features before launch.

We're fully dedicated to making RuneScape 3 the game that you want it to be, so we need your feedback more than ever. Register your interest now to be the first to give us your thoughts, and start selling runescape accounts and shaping RuneScape's future!

If you have any questions, take a look at our official FAQ.

Mod Sabre

 You use the same account to login, but will have separate characters on each server, otherwise transferring them would lose all the progress and items that you have earned since 2007! -Mod Sabre

hi mod sabre, are you playing old RS? or are you playing eoc? Which do YOU prefer? I would love to know as I like them both but have my preferences for cheap runescape accounts.

 I love this. Everything about 07scape. I just wish I could recover my account I played nearly in its entirety in that version of runescape. My main account is too far gone Into the luxuries of modern-scape. I remember spending selling runescape accounts hours mining gold or time essences in f2p servers on the account I made back in middle school. So much nostalgia. Sadly that account was stolen in December before I got JAG on it.

Monday, April 8, 2013

HTML 5 gives RuneScape a stunning new look.

SO EXCITED!! I was really upset with Jagex this last month or so, what with all the hoo-haa around the 2007 servers and delaying TWW quest. But now that we've been glimpsed into HTML5 RS.... IM SO EXPLETIVE EXCITEDDDDD!!!

i used to like playing castle wars, until the godswords were introduced. it completely killed it for me. Plus i liked buy runescape account the old combat lvling system before eoc. my main goal in the entire game was to get 128cb. then 136 w/ summoning. now it kinda sucks being stuck at 200

i think it will be pretty cool ive played 07 and eoc i prefer the new updates ect so im for rs3 ect ect will make eoc even better woop woop

runescape is no where near ruined or dead, you really have to learn to appreciate the hard work jagex put in making new content, and if you had a brain cell you would know that runescape and all other games have to evolve you can not expect it to just stay the same now can you, if you dont like selling runescape accounts the updates thats fine but stop complaining about it or quit the game and make your own multi million company and then we will see when your game becomes dead。

Alex, please tell us where you found the info about bots. I have yet to see a single one. You all complain because you hated the eoc update. Now you complain even after you got what you wanted. Go back to trolling your old school servers and let the rest of the world progress while you sit in an arrested state of development.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Private God Wars Dungeons (members only)

Private God Wars Dungeons (members only)

What better way to test out your new armour and combat prowess than with your own, crash-free, private God Wars Dungeon for you and your buddies? It can be quite frustrating when rooms get overcrowded by a new group of battle-crazed adventurers, hungry for those drops. Well, those days can be a thing of the past as you’ll soon be able to hire - for a small GP fee - your own version of the dungeon.

For those that like a tougher challenge, a 'hard mode' can be accessed. In this mode, the God Wars bosses who buy runescape account featured in The World Wakes will have all the new combat mechanics they had in the quest, but with far higher stats. These guys are really, really tough and can be accessed by you and a group of your friends, offering far more valuable drops than their normal brethren. Dare you take on the fight?

XP Additions (free and members)

Have you ever been training your skills, watching your XP dials, and thought: “That’s odd. I wonder why selling runescape accounts I didn’t get any XP for that”? Well, so have we. This month we're adding small amounts of XP to over 30 processes in RuneScape, ranging from grinding unicorn horn dust to picking flax. You’ll get XP for making unfinished potions, adding a seed to plant pots…all sorts of processes that really should have given XP in the first place. You told us to add XP, and we listened!

Squeal of Fortune: Samid’s Gloves

Maintaining a balance between improving skills and increasing wealth is a tricky business, so you’ll want to try your hand at bagging a brand new item that lets you do both, only available on Squeal of Fortune this weekend.

Train almost any skill while wearing Samid’s gloves, and every time you gain any amount of XP there’s a chance that the gloves will produce gold out of thin air! The more you level your skills, the more money you’ll make. buy cheap runescape accounts and selling runescape accounts on here

Samid’s gloves are on the wheel and up for grabs from Friday 5th April 00:00 BST until Monday 8th April 23:59 BST. Use them while you can, because these magical gloves will lose their charge on Monday 6th May.

You can purchase spins here, or by clicking ‘Add Spins’ in the Squeal of Fortune interface. Don’t forget that members get two daily spins instead of one!
Runescape, is there a possibility 07scape will be open ever to f2p? I mean, 1st, you could wait like a year and if people still want it, you could make it f2p, or you could shut down EOC and replace it with o7scape

Monday, April 1, 2013

My experience of entering the company of RS account

I am major ,graduated from Changsha environmental protection vocation last year, I went to Guangdong province as I graduated in the Shoetown company .but I came back again to Changsha this year want to find a job related to English, so I send my resume to the Changsha congchen electron business company which is a company to sell the games called Runescape accounts to foreigners.  and in the march 29th,I got a interview here,
Which makes me so exciting.i have tried my best to show myself  to let the manager to accept me, finally, I got the opportunity to have a try for 7days begin from April 1st.

I come to our company early this morning to find our collegues are sitting there for working ,the first I think is I must work hard like them ,and then my manager tell me our company’s site ,and then I surfing the site for a long time ,knowing some about our productions,the next I receive a profile from my manager ,she told me what I will do in the whole day ,when I read the items of the profile ,I was just a little confused,I just don’t know what I can do, then I ask her,with the help of my manager,I do it step by step.

And now I am sitting in my office desk to write this article, I have known much about the company, the company have itself site at , it is to sell games to others mostly to foreigners ,they have two modules, they are Buy Runescape accounts and Sell runescape accounts , for example ,if you want to play Runescape games ,you have to create the runescape accout for free,and then you must buy the game for play ,the games ranges kinds of levels ,you can buy any levels you like ,the lower levels ,the lower payment you should pay, so you maybe can buy a lower level in a cheap payments, and then you will play it ,with the levels you play higher, the profit you get larger. for example, when you buy the games ,you play it for some time and got a higher level, then you don’t like to play it anymore or you want to play much higher level, so you can sell your account that you bought here before with a expensive price, which is a method of earn money, founded in 2006, is a professional Runescape account trading company. They have a strong research team, for guarantee the safety of the transaction account.  "Try our best to supply the cheapest runescape accounts and offer  the best service for players!" is their company core values.

The first day I come to congchen electron business company is impressed me a lot. maybe I am not the best one ,but I will try my best to do better.