Tuesday, April 16, 2013


 I have a question. I have been a runescape player scine early 06. I have made mistakes like '' doubled money'' legitimately. And my ban and mute meter is green and been like that for AGES. But for being a dedicated player I don't get to become a Mod? Why?  I don't understand how these rares are so important and lifesaving to the game of cheap RuneScape accounts. I started 07 Scape from day one, and all I've seen is people happy with what they have for once in many years. I have never seen people running around complaining about rares not being around anymore. People are here to enjoy the game, train their skills, fight in the wilderness, socialize...This game isn't about having all the shiny, rare, and expensive items. I think we all have seen what route rares took in EoC. It's just a massive popularity contest, and to reach that goal, many scam or RWT just to achieve them. Although introducing them may have no immediate negative effect, obviously after about half a year passes, you'll see the massive decline in the attitude and good spirit of the community to selling runescape accounts. It will be a race and hunger for rares, not an appreciation for their old game back.

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