Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Which OldSchool RuneScape area have you enjoyed revisiting the most?

Ardougne. It's always been my favorite city. It was one of the first Members places I found on my own after I got my first subscription nine years ago. City of thieves!none because your damn account guardian doesnt reconise my pc and its the same one ive been using for the last 3 years ( ip address has changed twice ) but same IP address since ive had the guardian. I'm sorry to hear you are selling runescape accounts and having problems with JAG, if you drop our teams an email at they should be able to solve the problem for you asap! -Sabre


Didn't like the GE or EoC - I love the way 07 is except for ALL THE BOTS EVERYWHERE. That really needs to be first of things to get rid of. BOTS are CHEATERS that don't know how to play the game. I hate cheaters and it spoils the game. GET RID OF THE BOTS.just want cheap runescape accounts 2007 servers back eoc has ruined runescape no ones on ever.. should just let us transfer our chars in 2007 delete eoc boom economy back and your skillers pvpers pvmers will be back. boom done runescape comes back

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