Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thinking of Runescape

I wish to leave some Runescape feedback, since I cannot post feedback on the forums because I'm a non-member. My first problem is the Squeal of Fortune: most of the prizes are member items and are unobtainable in F2P(non-members). This leaves us wasting spins in SoF. I'd like to suggest that either you make all the items available on the SoF available on F2P, and/or give us Runescape accounts selling the option to convert member items into coins, or create two separate SoF's; one for P2P and another for F2P(with no member items being available).--- I Posted this before and it's not getting old anytime soon!

A lot of people are black screening from this update and that chat double thing is irritateing and buy rs account also sound effects arnt working for some honestly ur programmers have wasted there time.

Wait so if it's romantic to kill their significant others in the Duel Arena then can we hold Civil Court there also?! xD

My display name is silaaron, and I sent an email to account help, but have only gotten bot response.

More about this news: click Duel Arena

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