Sunday, April 14, 2013

take evolution of combat out

 please either take evolution of combat out and make it how rs was right befor the update or make a server up to date to where it was right befor the combat update where i can have my money and my skills ive played since 2006 and all my work in thi sgame has been wasted ive played almost ever day from 2006-2012 please i would like to playe my favorite game how it was when i last played cheap runescape acccounts.  JAGEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my pc died on me about 10 minutes ago, and i have been trying to log onto my account ever since, it keeps telling me "Your account is already logged in. Try again in 60 secs..." please help i am so close to 70 def on 2007 rs and i would very much like to selling runescape accounts or get it tonight if you don't mind...Look at the crossbow, first most powerfull crossbow in game, that bandos godsword isn't gonna do nothing.. its only a level 70 2h weapon...

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