Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Runescape Wilderness Warbans for RS Players

The Wilderness Warbands is a new risk and challenge for runescape members. If you are not a member, you can buy runescape accounts with membership on and then you can enjoy the Wilderness Warbans. In the most dangerous place in RS, you can test your teamwork, stealth and combat in the brutal new combat D&D.

The Wilderness is one of the most dangerous places in runescape where quercus the ent is troubled by the ermergence of savage warbands. If you are familiar with the wilderness warbands, you will know that it is always been home to rogues aplenty and brigands. Lately, though -as rumours abound about what happened at Orlando Smith's archaeological dig - they've begun banding together in larger, more organised groups to kill and plunder: all in the name of the RuneScape gods! Quercus is worried that they're becoming a threat to the world's balance, and while he can't intervene directly, he's looking for those who can.

runescape accounts for sale cheap now . Quercus will regularly send out notifications as warband camps crop up in the Wilderness. You'll need to gather some strong, trustworthy friends, gear up, and make your way there past the PKers and other perils of the Wilderness. Do this, though, and with skill, teamwork and plenty of courage, you'll be able to take the warband down.
Armadyl Warbands

If you've set your sights on taking out a warband, a direct assault isn't the way to go. Each warband camp is based around a summoning beam, used by the warband to summon in allies. Get close enough without being seen, selling runescape accounts and you'll be able to convert the beam, switching its alignment to that of a rival god. The conversion process is quicker the more people are involved, so be sure to sneak in as many saboteurs as you can. Once that's complete, the colour of the beam will change, and you'll be able to start another such process: this time, buy sell runescape accounts  a summoning ritual to bring in a rival warband! Once successful, the opposing force will attack and you can get stuck into the fight on your own terms. These are the first enemies in the game to use Evolution of Combat mechanics and all-new AI, so they'll still be formidable foes!
Saradomin Warbands

Good news Slayer fans!

Good news Slayer fans! We're extending this weekend's Slayer mask promotion until Thursday 28th!

what about those of us who don't want slayer xp lamps. I have been having to convert all my slayer lamps into cash can't I have skill xp lamps instead.

Am i the only one whos mad because i cant log onto old school runescape with my Facebook account.

Abraham, EoC barely has players lol. 07 has thousands because it's clearly better. EoC is a waste of their time and money. The sooner they realize that, the better they will be.. rs accounts for sell

Also, judging a game purely off graphics is shallow instead of by its game play.. Minecraft, for example, is really fun and has the graphics of a nintendo...

Monday, March 25, 2013

EOC Economic

 The Jages spent a lot of effort to clean the bots and the effect is big in my persional opinion. Recently, the price of runescape items has changed a lot. The up and downs is very powerful. Does there any "potential shares" that we can invest? I saw a lot of people in the forum said the Dragon fullhelm which would returen about 30M. Although I personally feel that is unlikely, other runescape items may rebound. The prices have come back and I realized too late now . bones / gold ore previously bot something serious overproduction. . .maybe I need to buy runescape accounts or sell runescape accounts on Internet.

Runescape Need Your Help

It is the first time I play runescape. I know how to get the quest but I get nothing after I talked about him. Is the quest need any equipment? If you know, could you tell me something? Thanks for a lot. RS accounts for sale
sell runescape accounts

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Check The Glitch

low graphics makes the game boring, poor u

oh wellz thats why i usually use my the computer at home with good cpus and bunch of stuff... to prevent lags. runescape accounts for sale
Killed almost 100Kbds without getting dragon rider boot/glove,visage...must be a total glitch!!!

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Some people succeed because they are destined to, but most people succeed because they are determined to.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

the origin of 1ryb username

I often see gambler in world2 and it shows h/cx2, ryb(red yellow blue) and x4. I wonder if that it the origin of 1ryb username?

Well, yes, old fat lions are often hosts and intending to take the task cloak and then open gilded alter in his POH host. Someone also says it is just mith game. The hosts in the mith seed may have seven colors, inclusing three kinds of warm colors, three cold colors and a rainbow.

you guess is the kind of guessed you say good money wrong or rainbow gone

You have to have a 100M would have been great to play with you, others let you have it out by the show stack, or no one to play with you???

Since everyone my name ambiguous in two days time to change a go ... since I everywhere nickname are 1ryb, then I called 1RareYoungBoy, is not too long? jk
Seriously, may be renamed but thought a good ... could not think I will not change ... in fact, is unlikely to want to change ... rs accounts for sale

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Write to the Jagex and Get the Account Back

I thought these days, the jagex may had not enough time to deal with the emails for so many players lost their runescape accounts and they wrote emails to As a result, I choose to write email to and hope anyone can save my problem. Yes, it did. After one hour later, the jagex gave me a reply and deblocking my runescape accounts. So much thanks for Mod Vagos. If you have also lost your runescape accounts, you can try this method. Good luck with you. Many players sell runescape accounts on this website and many runescape accounts for sale here. 
Thanks Mod Vagos!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Guthix Godsword

Do you want it? It is really amazing.
Sure enough Guthix is the overriding presence which above the gods! buy runescape accounts here and challenge it . Good Luck with you!

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Rich Runescape Accounts

I'm a rich man of 07 version in runescape. So happy!
A lot of money in the bank
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mysterious box shows that he either brought the gold or is botting

Buy runescape accounts and join the game, it is so funny!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Heroes of RuneScape

Ariane is a heroine who doesn't believe in convention. She is a free spirit, hungry to explore the lands of Gielinor to uncover magic's secrets. She hates the idea that all of magic's answers could be listed in a single spellbook, and that there is nothing left for buy runescape accounts online her to discover. Her deep desire to understand more of the world has borne fruit - she is one of the most powerful magic users you will ever cross paths with, and adversaries tremble at the mere mention of her name.

Ariane believes that the art of magic has many more secrets to offer, and disagrees with the strict doctrine of wizards. She believes that gaining experience of the wider world is the best way to improve one's abilities, rather than rummaging desperately in the past.

Ariane was raised in Seers' Village and has spent her life researching magic. She has often been accused of neglectfully exploring the fringes of magic. She has spent a portion of her life studying at the Wizards' Tower and the Wizards' Guild. To underestimate her knowledge of magic would be unwise at best...

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Analysis: Behind North Korea bluster, a record of troubling actions

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - North Korea's blood-curdling war threats are often dismissed as the kind of over-the-top rhetoric the world expects from the runescpae accounts  reclusive and eccentric leadership in Pyongyang, now in its third generation under Kim Jong-un.

But while the latest threat to launch a "pre-emptive nuclear strike" on the United States is believed by experts to be beyond North Korea's technical capacities, and would be suicidal, history shows there can be bite behind Pyongyang's bark.

"This kind of extreme rhetoric has not been unusual
runescpae accounts for this regime, unfortunately," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said on Thursday, adding the United States could defend itself and allies Japan and South Korea in any event.

Asked if the deterrence talk meant that Washington sensed more than bombast, she added, "You have to take a government at its word when it makes these kinds of threats."

Thursday's threat, issued as a statement from North's Foreign Ministry spokesman, came during U.S.-led efforts to pass new U.N. sanctions on North Korea in response to its most recent nuclear test. The Security Council later approved the sanctions.

When it comes to actions welcomed by the United States
runescpae accounts and its allies, taking Pyongyang at its word is nearly impossible. Twenty years of nuclear diplomacy is littered with broken pledges, dashed deals and a small but growing North Korean nuclear arsenal.

South Korea, likewise, has little to show for hundreds of millions of dollars of aid it sent northward after Seoul and Pyongyang signed a raft of bilateral agreements at their historic June 2001 leaders' summit.

But when it comes to threats of bad behavior, North Korea has a better record of delivering - beginning with the three nuclear tests it carried out in 2006, 2009 and last month in the face of strong international warnings to desist.

The 2009 and 2013 tests defied U.N. sanctions forbidding such tests.


Bruce Klingner, a retired North Korea analyst for the CIA, said Pyongyang, through its Korea Central News Agency mouthpiece, often repeated threats "which are bombastic and seem to indicate impending military attacks that then don't occur."

South Koreans and their financial markets long ago learned to shrug off North Korea's most infamous and lurid threat, to turn Seoul into a "sea of fire."

This week's pre-emptive nuclear attack rhetoric appeared intended to intimidate South Korea, the United States and China, said experts and a U.S. official.

"A lot of it is just their classical reaction to the fact that the
runescpae accounts international community increasingly is coming together and making it tougher for them to operate - that's the kind of acting out that we often see from North Korea," Glyn Davies, U.S. special representative for North Korea, told a Senate hearing on Thursday.

If the North's aim was to goad Washington back into nuclear talks, it misfired, said Matt Stumpf, Washington director of the Asia Society.

"If North Korea is using new threats to get the United States back to the negotiating table, it is missing how much opinion in Washington, Seoul, Tokyo and Beijing has changed through successive crises," Stumpf said. "This might have been a workable strategy in the past, but there will be little appetite to negotiate until North Korea shows it is committed to real change."

A U.S. Congressional Research Service study published after last month's nuclear test cited intelligence estimates that North Korea had enough separated plutonium for at least half a dozen nuclear weapons.

Carrying out the threat to attack the United States, is not possible, however, without warhead miniaturization, which, the report said, "would likely require additional nuclear and missile tests."

Klingner, now at the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank, warned that "we cannot easily dismiss North Korean threats, because they have often been carried out."

He cited the example of 2010, when after threats against South Korea and vilification of its then-president, Lee Myung-bak, North Korea lashed out in a pair of deadly attacks on a South Korean warship and an island, killing 50 people. North Korea denied responsibility for the ship's sinking.

"The conundrum has always been: Is a new North Korean threat one that will not be carried out, as frequently has been the case in the past, or is it a portent of upcoming action?" said Klingner.

(Editing by Warren Strobel and Peter Cooney)

Event – The RuneRace

Fancy a true test of endurance? Prove your grit and determination in the RuneRace, hosted by RuneZone. It’s a race around Gielinor, and only for the truly hardcore – no teleports and no deaths allowed! There are even prizes in store, so head to the starting line tomorrow. buy runescape accounts You’ll find all the details here.

Fansite News

RuneRadio grabbed an in-depth interview with Mod Mark when they visited Jagex HQ last week. You can listen to the whole thing right here.


If you’ve got any helpful tips for adventurers who are discovering Old School RuneScape for the first time, you’ll want to enter RuneScape video veteran WillMissIt’s video competition. Just make a 30 second video featuring your best tip for the 2007 servers and
buy runescape accounts you’ll stand a chance of winning signed RuneScape concept art! Full details are in the video description. The competition closes on March 11th so work quickly!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Runescape is definitely an simple

Runescape is definitely an simple as well as free of charge online game with regard to children, where one can select how to proceed as well as reveal your own personality encounter along with game enthusiasts all over the world. Though it is extremely time intensive, you can't cease the actual interests associated with kids. At the start, the actual Jagex attempted to create a good grow older restrict associated with 13 years old, whilst, actually, increasingly more children below 10 display excellent excitement towards the online game. The reason why?

Very first, I must acknowledge which runescape is really a ideal readily online game with regard to kids, it's a flourishing globe along with limitless options, as well as appears it might continue permanently. For those who have persistence as well as personal the runescape accounts, you'll love this particular online game 10 occasions much more.

2nd, within runescape online game globe, this provides the chance to discover abilities, for example cooking food, creating, exploration as well as angling, that are additionally helpful inside your actual life. Additionally, runescape assists kids learn to handle cash, how you can discount, and so on. Nearly every kid includes a great impact upon runescape and purchase runescape company accounts to possess more enjoyable.

3rd, it is important which runescape shows children may be the capability associated with problem-solving. Usually, children cannot carry out much better in the very first video gaming period, for example incorrect instructions, therefore they need to consider measures to possess a attempt. Runescape stimulates a rise way of thinking, therefore throughout the mistakes-making procedure, children may learn to perform, how to proceed as well as the reason why to complete. Once they learn more information about fundamental online game guidelines, they might additionally learn more information about guidelines within actual life. Since it is actually states, video games provide difficulties to resolve, not really content material, runescape is actually the kind of understanding as well as considering, might function like a foundation with regard to training as well as financial systems later on.

Nevertheless, even though runescape offers excellent possible to become effective video games with regard to understanding, actively playing RS continues to be the debate concern. Keep in mind it's very time intensive, as well as absolutely nothing inside it will go fast. If you wish to obtain higher level, or even if you want to obtain the following blade, you need to function difficult. Lengthy video gaming period might wreck children's life if you take all of them from the actual every day physical exercise as well as relationships.

Therefore it ought to be the main parents' obligation to assist kids handle online game period. Because mother and father, why don't you attempt to link video games in order to publications, TELEVISION and also the globe close to all of them. Through considering video games past their own limitations, children possess the options to use the power associated with problem-solving in order to real life. Obviously, in order to save video gaming period, purchase runescape company accounts along with higher level is a great option for you personally.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tencent Game News

Tencent Game News today (March 5), Blizzard Blizzard Orientation will be held in Beijing. During this period, we have the honor to interview Blizzard general manager of Greater China, Mr. Dai Jinhe, and NetEase, vice president, Mr. Li Rijiang two public media the 2013 Blizzard games the way they operate in mainland China and the prospects for the development of the related game launched some in-depth discussion. We summarize several issues players are more runescape accounts buy concerned about this interview, players can also look at the full interview below to learn more:

1,3 12 January global open StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm (reservations), including mainland China, mainland China's on-line time will give players surprise.

2, StarCraft 2 customer service team to create the official novice group, players can join in the game and discuss the content of the game, so that players be faster to improve.

3, comes with the Collector's Edition of Heart of the Swarm items will more than Panda Man of Mystery Collector's Edition to the force.