Tuesday, March 19, 2013

the origin of 1ryb username

I often see gambler in world2 and it shows h/cx2, ryb(red yellow blue) and x4. I wonder if that it the origin of 1ryb username?

Well, yes, old fat lions are often hosts and intending to take the task cloak and then open gilded alter in his POH host. Someone also says it is just mith game. The hosts in the mith seed may have seven colors, inclusing three kinds of warm colors, three cold colors and a rainbow.

you guess is the kind of guessed you say good money wrong or rainbow gone

You have to have a 100M would have been great to play with you, others let you have it out by the show stack, or no one to play with you???

Since everyone my name ambiguous in two days time to change a go ... since I everywhere nickname are 1ryb, then I called 1RareYoungBoy, is not too long? jk
Seriously, may be renamed but thought a good ... could not think I will not change ... in fact, is unlikely to want to change ... rs accounts for sale

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