Thursday, May 30, 2013


What does it do? Allows you to pick herbs, which are primarily used for alchemy and inscription. In addition to being able to harvest herbs from the ground, you'll encounter the occasional plant-based monster that you can gather herbs from.

Do I need any gear? Though nothing is required, carrying the Herbalist's Spade in your inventory gives +10 to your herbalism skill. There are also bags specifically to carry herbs if you find your inventory swamped with herbs.

Do I get any extras? Herbalists have access to buy cheap wow gold the spell Lifeblood, an instant-cast self-heal that temporarily boosts your haste rating. It's very useful at low levels and still provides a small boost at higher levels.

Why take herbalism? If you want to do Alchemy or Inscription, Herbalism is highly recommended so you can pick your own herbs instead of having to buy them on the auction house. But if you want to make wow money, Herbalism by itself is a good option, too -- just take your herbs to the auction house to sell.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Haste affects RPPM

RPPM proc chances aren't based on your weapon speed, they're dynamically calculated during combat based on the time since the last attack landed. Abilities like Slice and Dice don't change your proc chance, since the increased number of attacks landing during SnD is accounted for in the dynamic formula. Unleashing a flurry of attacks with Killing Spree doesn't guarantee that you'll see a proc.

The only thing that affects the RPPM proc chance positively is pure haste. Haste rating on your gear, the 5% haste buff that's common in raids, and Bloodlust are the main three ways to obtain pure haste. If you have 20% haste on your gear and 5% from the raid buff, you'll see 25% more RPPM procs. A 2 RPPM proc like Windsong would then produce 2.5 RPPM procs. It's important to selling wow accounts realize that the increased proc chance comes not from the increased number of attacks, but rather from the haste itself factoring into the RPPM formula. Haste grants you extra attacks, and separately boosts your RPPM procs.

Haste vs mastery

Mastery has been assassination's go-to stat for most of Mists of Pandaria. In equal amounts, it typically beat crit, expertise, and haste. We've been stacking mastery via our gems and enchants, and reforging to it where possible. However, we are seeing more rogues start to get best wow gold prioritize haste over mastery, and that can be confusing to rogues that are used to mastery being the top stat.

Because haste positively affects the proc chance of RPPM procs, rogues with a lot of RPPM effects will see a lot of improvement when they add haste. If you're sporting the Capacitive Primal Diamond in your helm with the trinket pair of Renataki's Soul Charm and Talisman of Bloodlust with Dancing Steel on both of your weapons, haste will improve the proc chances of all of those effects. Now, instead of just increasing your number of attacks, haste is improving these RPPM procs.

When does haste outpace mastery? When does mastery outpace haste? Shadowcraft has the answer you're looking for. Shadowcraft does a pretty good buying wow accounts job of modeling the various RPPM effects and items, although the Rune of Re-Origination might be wonky (but is generally bad). The decision between stacking haste or mastery is deeply dependent on your specific gear. There's no reason to generalize (no RPPM trinkets = go mastery!) because Shadowcraft is going to give you the most accurate answer, and it's quick and easy to use.

Are we having fun yet?

The next step is to decide who you want to have fun with and identify what each of you thinks would be fun to do in game –- and therein lies your greatest challenge. Let's look at some common scenarios and then flip back to some classic Drama Mamas resource links to help you work through your plan buying wow gold.

    Is the thing that you typically end up doing in WoW what you actually enjoy doing in WoW? Do you harbor any assumptions about game goals -– for example, "To fully enjoy WoW, one must raid"?
    If you and a gaming partner or group have different ideas of in-game fun, could a compromise or an entirely new playstyle bridge the gap?
    Is there a right way and a wrong way to bring a brand new player into the game?
    How can you divide up different characters on different realms to fit with various groups of friends -– say, family members and college buddies?
    What are you looking for in a guild? What sort of group will help you enjoy playing World of Warcraft? Let's figure it out -- and if you're looking for a particularly specialized type of guild, we've included a few niche group suggestions to kickstart your research.
    It's not just about content and playstyle; sometimes it's our attitudes about how to approach grouping and other players that cements or sell wow accounts sunders a partnership.
    Don't forget that any adjustments you make to your availability and character choice carries ramifications for others who play with you. Don't neglect their needs.

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Darkspear Rebellion

Which is where the Darkspear Rebellion comes in. This wasn't a sudden decision on Vol'jin's part. If it had been, he would've done it the moment he and Garrosh exchanged heated words, shown in a brief scene to new troll players. He wouldn't have threatened to kill Garrosh, he would've simply killed him point-blank without waiting to buying wow gold see what Garrosh would do. He wouldn't have given Garrosh the opportunity to command any kind of loyalty, or build up an army of Kor'kron wholly devoted to defending the Warchief. Instead, Vol'jin made a strategic retreat to wait and see, hoping that Garrosh would somehow prove himself again. And Garrosh did -- he proved to the Darkspear, and to everyone else, that he only had the best interests of the orcs of the Horde at heart. He proved that he cared little for the other races of the Horde. He proved that he would take whatever ruthless, bullheaded moves he had to make in order to ensure the Horde's survival -- to where to sell wow accounts ensure the orcs' survival. As far as Garrosh is concerned, the rest of the Horde isn't really worth bothering with. It was apparent to Vol'jin right away, and perhaps in a way to Baine as well, but it took time for the others to see it -- Sylvanas witnessed it in Silverpine. Lor'themar and the blood elves didn't really witness it in full until patch 5.1. The goblins only just witnessed Garrosh's true opinion of them in the patch 5.3 scenario, Dark Heart of Pandaria. Vol'jin would not have had the support of the other Horde races behind him, had he killed Garrosh back in Cataclysm -- and in his own way, he likely knew that. He certainly has their support now.

Friday, May 24, 2013

verdadera enfermedadSee

Hope youre resting peacefully, Ezra. So many times, including now, have I shed a tears for you. But I am glad youre not suffering anymore. Glad I can always help with Kyle from time to buy wow gold time. Youre voice is haunting at times. But I am glad youre an Elder. Smile down on Azeroth.  I remember this quest, I did it on my Tauren Warrior and I was happy to see that they gave that oportunity to someone, that I must say was worth it.

nose si reirme o llorar, para que un niƱo con una enfermedad asi, en lo unico que piense es en jugar world of warcraft hay que ver cual es su verdadera enfermedadSee Translation. remember the first time I googled, "Finely crafted to Ezra's specifications." and read the story that went along with it. I also remember the first time I googled the dwarf Rousch and his back story. Really pulled at the ol' heart strings.

thats so amazing! I remember when Blizzard did this...I love wow and always will I love Ahab! he's so awesome and I remember reading the story behind it and it just broke my heart and made it happy all at once...Rest in Peace Ezra Azeroth smiles on you everyday hunny Many blessings and loves. "I asked him to think about why he likes to play cheap wow accounts and one thing he said was he likes interacting with people he doesn't know. No matter how crappy things are going on the outside, in the real world, he can be strong and successful and really turn heads in WoW." Blizz, as someone whose cousin had a wish from MAWF, I love and respect what you did for Ezra. I'm also ECSTATIC that you've put his crossbow back in-game!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

new Warchief

well considering how much NEW stuff there is to do and how many new things there are added and fixed to enhance our gaming experience I think a delay longer than usual is acceptable.  I know that Vol'Jin will be new Warchief and I'm all up for it but I much rather see Thrall back in charge, too bad he's too busy being a husband and father. sell wow accounts So that only leaves me with Baine, I think he'd make a great leader, and plus it would seem like a good move in the Horde's morale considering that Garrosh ended up killing Cairne.

Can all the stupid people asking the stupid questions try reading the release notes and the posts on line before asking your already answered questions? If you cant read you should not be playing the game in where to sell wow accounts the first place! I like my WoW too but I'm not flipping out about server maintenance... Geez just find something else to do

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Ancients

There are just as many known Ancients as there are, presumably, unknown -- the Ancients we've seen and read about are just a smattering of what may potentially be out there. Agamaggan, the great boar, patron god of the quillboar. Aessina, the wild and untamed spirit of nature and the forests. Aviana, ferocious heart of the winged creatures that populate the world. Cenarius, Goldrinn, Malorne, Omen, Tortolla, Ursoc, Ursol -- all have their own purposes, strengths, and weaknesses. All have been charged with guarding aspects of the world.

Along the same vein, we have the Celestials -- Yu'lon, the jade serpent of wisdom, Chi-Ji, the red crane of hope, Xuen, the white tiger of strength, and Niuzao, the black ox of stubborn persistence. Each Celestial protects Pandaria in its own way. In fact, the Celestials were responsible for locking the Vale of Eternal Blossoms away, and they choose its defenders from the mortals of Pandaria. Once chosen, these protectors of the Vale must leave whatever prior life they may have led, and dedicate themselves fully to buy cheap wow gold and guarding the Vale's secrets and keeping them safe.

It's been stated before that the Celestials are Pandaria's equivalent of the Ancients -- they're simply a lot more active and a lot less reclusive than the Ancients we've encountered thus far in game. In fact, it took a full-out assault on Hyjal to bring most of these Ancients back into play. By and large, the Ancients of Azeroth have been one of those interesting mysteries of Azeroth's history -- they are there to buy world of warcraft accounts and protect and guard different aspects of the world.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

how do you think wow

I didn't start playing World of Warcraft right at launch, but it's safe to say that I've been playing for a long while. For me, WoW is the video game equivalent of an old, worn t-shirt: it's comfortable and familiar. It's a game I often launch when I'm not looking for something fun and distracting, but not anything that's going to challenge me too much. I still find WoW to buy wow gold be a lot of fun -- I wouldn't keep playing if I didn't! -- but it's still usually something I play with the television on in the background.

But sometimes, still, even after all these years, WoW does things that manage to surprise me. Of course WoW has new content -- lately, it's come more quickly than ever -- but even, sometimes, when I'm not looking for it, I'll run into something new. Now and then I bump into sell wow account quest text I hadn't read carefully before, a Cataclysm change that I'd never noticed, or an Easter egg the developers snuck in.

And you, reader? Do you keep finding that WoW surprises you?

Dark Riders

WoW's twitter announced last night that, for a limited time only, previews of three of the latest World of Warcraft gold graphic novels are available for free on both Kindle and iTunes. The three comics avaialble for preview in this book are Pearl of Pandaria, Dark Riders and Bloodsworn. Pearl of Pandaria was released last year, but Dark Riders has only been out for just over a week, and Bloodsworn is currently only available for pre-order in anticipation of its upcoming release on August 13, 2013. So this free preview is a great chance to whet your appetite for the full works. What's more, did we mention it's free?

To get your hands on these previews, it seems like you'll currently need to be a US resident, but you can get hold of sell wow accounts them via iTunes or Amazon, simply by following the links. If the previews are sufficiently exciting for you to consider dropping some actual cash into the writers' coffers, then you can obtain all three titles from both Amazon and Barnes and Noble via the links provided on the Blizzard blog post. Naturally, as mentioned, Bloodsworn is currently only available for pre-order.

What do you think of these graphic novels? Is this your preferred format for absorbing World of Warcraft lore? You can also check out WoW Insider's reviews of Pearl of Pandaria and Dark Riders.

12-year-old browser-based MMORPG

RuneScape developer Jagex is aiming to launch its 12-year-old browser-based MMORPG on tablets before the end of the year, CEO Mark Gerhard told IGN.

Jagex's porting of RuneScape to other devices is due largely in part to the developer rewriting the game in HTML5, which has allowed them to overhaul the game's graphics as well and make it run faster and better.

"We're working really, really hard to do tablets by Q4 this year," he said. "I see [smartphones] as a window into the game, so I think even mobile is right for RuneScape, but it's probably as a subset or augmentation of the game rather than the core game experience."

Chief marketing officer David Solari added Jagex is up to the challenge of publishing an MMO for tablets.

"I think it stretches the imagination of what's possible on tablet right now," he said. "I mean, RuneScape would easily be the most ambitious game ever put on tablet, right? So, that excites us.

"We're used to taking on these crazy challenges and pushing things to the limit — HTML5 is a great example of that," he added. "A lot of people aren't ready to go where we've gone already, so we think we can do it and cheap rs accounts."

RuneScape versions for smart TVs and consoles are also under consideration, he said. However, Jagex would want cross-platform play, allowing PlayStation and Xbox hardware users to play with each other.

"Tablet is more akin to your laptop so the game is more naturally transposed to that," Gerhard said. "I'm also very excited about Smart TVs; I don't think we're that far away from being able to do something very interesting there.

"Consoles are easy," he added. "If you can just get the console manufacturers to play nice with each other and sell runescape accounts stop fragmenting the community then we could do something there too."

The latest game in the series, RuneScape 3, is slated to launch this fall on mobile devices.

Diablo 3 gold-multiplying bug profits

All profits made by Diablo 3 players who exploited the gold-multiplying bug will be donated to charity, production director John Hight announced via

Hight addressed the recent bug, unleashed after the game's 1.0.8 patch went live, that allowed players to duplicate gold from stacks of 1 million to 10 million through the real-money Auction House. Hight wrote that the team will ensure that all "legitimate transactions" will proceed as usual, and that players who did not take advantage of sell diablo 3 account the bug will be allowed to keep their items, gold and money from sales.

"We'll also be donating all proceeds from auctions conducted by the suspended or banned players — including all of their sale proceeds that we intercepted as well as our transaction fee — to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals," Hight wrote.

According to Hight, only a small number of players had the funds to take advantage of the bug, and "only 415 of those players chose to use this exploit for personal gain." Anyone found exploiting the diablo iii account bug has been banned or had their account rolled back, effectively deleting their progress since the 1.0.8 update.

Diablo 3's Auction Houses were brought back online late Friday night. The team will continue to remove duplicated gold from the game's economy rather than doing a complete rollback, which would bring the servers down and delete all player progress. According to Hight, more than 85 percent of the duplicate gold has already been removed.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

solo dungeoneering

reminds me of that monster with many claws coming out of ground from the legend of zelda ocarina of time, in the Well and the Shadow Temple. So I participated and found a lot of harried veterans trying to get their Comp Capes back and not one low level player was to be sighted... Is this a quality update or criminal waste of resources?

solo dungeoneering is no fun and its a pretty cool skill maybe something to encourage more players to try it would help. honestly i just started lvling and found it pretty confusing since noone was around to help. So, buy cheap rs accounts or just sell rs accounts. the members, who have many options and bones to level Prayer... have another way to level? In F2P we have to spend lot of money, or kill lot of monsters D: . Could any Mod explain this to me?

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Barbarians are savage wanderers who never flinch from close-quarters combat. Mighty ground stomps, leaping attacks and dual-wielded slashes leave a barbarian’s enemies dead in their boots and send any survivors fleeing for cover.Thanks to their size and strength, barbarians can dominate a melee with nearly any combination of weapon and approach, though they tend towards massive and imposing weaponry. Barbarians are no strangers to the pains of battle, and often fare better in the midst of several opponents, taking and giving cuts, than when attempting to chase down single targets.Barbarians’ attacks are primarily melee focused. Their quick weapon swings whittle down the number of weaker foes in seconds, while their slower, ground-shaking slams and stomps can send approaching hordes reeling and crack the armor of mightier foes.You can sell diablo 3 account to make some real money.

Barbarians are savage wanderers who never flinch from close-quarters combat. Mighty ground stomps, leaping attacks and dual-wielded slashes leave a barbarian’s enemies dead in their boots and send any survivors fleeing for cover.Thanks to their size and strength, barbarians can dominate a melee with nearly any combination of weapon and approach, though they tend towards massive and imposing weaponry. Barbarians are no strangers to the pains of battle, and often fare better in the midst of several opponents, taking and giving cuts, than when attempting to chase down single targets.Barbarians’ attacks are primarily melee focused. Their quick weapon swings whittle down the number of weaker foes in seconds, while their slower, ground-shaking slams and stomps can send approaching hordes reeling and crack the armor of mightier foes.


Alarge, imposing castle dwarfs you as you enter the city of Lumbridge. Its huge walls stretch as far as the eye can see, with menacing-looking guards positioned at gates and access areas.

Lumbridge is by-and-large the friendliest, most accommodating city in all of Gielinor. It’s a quiet town, located on the west bank of the River Lum, and will be the first port of call to many players starting their adventure in RuneScape.

And what better place to learn the game’s controls, make new friends and ease yourself into the game proper? All across Lumbridge are areas where you can practice new skills, train in the art of war and more, all thanks to the kind residents who are always on hand to arm you with the knowledge to help you survive the dangers of Gielinor.

Lumbridge is predominantly a rural area, with farms and windmills located north of the village. The people that live here have had to fight hard for every success they’ve ever had for generations – even the grey stone that the walls were originally built still stand, worn and full of character as testament to the residents’ strong willpower.Cheap runescape accounts for sale now.

But the residents are still helpful to outsiders, and will take time from their busy schedules to show you the ropes and help you get to grips with the RuneScape universe. The guards that can be found around the bordering walls aren’t just there for decoration. The guards are there to warn players below a total skill level of 60 that beyond their swords and spears are dangerous lands, where newer players should only wander with extreme caution.

Lumbridge’s weather is always fair, which makes it the ideal place for the farming community set up just north of the castle. There is also a windmill, which supplies most of the surrounding region with flour for bread, cakes and other baked treats!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Action and adventure?

It's okay for a game to develop and grow with time. But Jagex has taken RuneScape too far from its roots. EoC is one problem of many others, but it signifies that Jagex does not care about their fans like they used to. To Jagex, the fans are just a source of income, they don't care whether or not the customer is satisfied, or if the account holder is using a bot. RuneScape is just a job to the people at Jagex, the charm it used to have is lost, and old veterans have been alienated and scammed. cheap runescape accounts for sale now and you can sell runescape accounts to get real money. Many people have paid over $100 in subscriptions alone over the years, and now they get to watch their favorite game die. Sure, there are people who are happy to pay for the generic MMORPG that RuneScape has become, and there always will be, it's just sad to see one of the best MMO's of all time reduced to a state of such squalor. Jagex has wronged many people and turned RuneScape into a shadow of what it once was. RuneScape has been consumed by the bloated monster that is corporate greed, and Jagex has become a mere servant to the beast.

 I have a question for any pros on EoC. I recently started trainin melee, im at att 51, str 51, def 53, pray 43, and im using super potions and whatnot, currently im trainin on hill giants. Should i train att to 60 and then str to 60, or att to 55, str to 55, then att to 60 and str to 60? Or should I train str to 60 first? this challenge isn't great , hmm why ? here the explanation : 1. Somebody from an another country ( like me ) can't speak perfectly english or german ( i speak german very well ). 2. Somebody don't knows how to record a video. 3. Thats it

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Jump into the ring

jagex stop these ridiculous updates and just get more useful in game items.  Don't forget, as Mod MMG has said many times before, these additional extras help fund much of the big new content we've been investing in, such as HTML5 and the New Interface System. This cosmetic fun stuff benefits everyone - even those who chose not to buy into it - by increasing the amount we have to invest in content without raising membership prices.Buy cheap runescape accounts now.

And it's also worth remembering we only have a small dedicated team for designing these promotional updates. We have massive dedicated teams working on main-game content (quests, graphics, skills etc) and improvements to the underlying game (the Alpha & Beta teams).

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Farmed and Dangerous (members only)

High-level farmers among you will get your green fingers on 10 new plants this month. Their level requirements will range from level 76 to 96, and they'll make use of less-used plots like hops, flowers and allotments, so they'll be a great help on the way to 99.

They come with a bunch of other great benefits to boot or buy cheap runescape acocunts, including opportunities to get XP in other skills once they're grown. Steal the fruit from the jaws of a Venus fly trap, for example, and you'll be able to eat it for a chunk of Thieving XP (just mind your hands!) or pull up sunchoke tubers for some outdoor Strength training. You'll also be able to use your Construction skill to build grape vines or selling runescape accounts, and then grow grapes and make god-themed wines, which can be used to enhance god brew potions.

With all this - and more - coming to the Farming skill, it's going to be a blooming good spring

Put your Drygore down

so drygores are crashing jagex better fix this with buffing them since they are lv 90 weapons, im still keeping my dual mace set.  I haven't played RS for like 8 months or so and I decided to checkout the Runescape website yesterday to see whats new and I see "Play Old School" on selling runescape accounts for the main page and I'm like "hell ya!" Especially when I seen all the players playing on it, but then I read further and its the '07 version. Totally bummed. I thought it was a reintroduction of Runescape Classic. I was totally about to startup my membership again, I still might just for Runescape Classic as I miss playing it, even though few play it. I wish you would open up Runescape Classic for all members once again and leave it that way.

Still no new quests? I picked the wrong period of time to get membership, by the time a quest actually comes out my mem will run out and it will be awhile before I can renew... FIX Primal 2H in Dung. It's got the same stats as all other 2h weapons and should be the king of the beast!!!! IT takes LVL 113 to get or buy runescape account and getting there IS not a simple task.Unless you have noting to do but play all day and night in which case this probably dont matter to you..BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX THE ONCE ALLMIGHTY PRIMAL 2H AND GIVE IT BETTER STATS THAN A PRIMAL MAUL THAT CAN BE GOTTEN AT LVL 75 DUNG. OR THERE ABOUT!!