Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Action and adventure?

It's okay for a game to develop and grow with time. But Jagex has taken RuneScape too far from its roots. EoC is one problem of many others, but it signifies that Jagex does not care about their fans like they used to. To Jagex, the fans are just a source of income, they don't care whether or not the customer is satisfied, or if the account holder is using a bot. RuneScape is just a job to the people at Jagex, the charm it used to have is lost, and old veterans have been alienated and scammed. cheap runescape accounts for sale now and you can sell runescape accounts to get real money. Many people have paid over $100 in subscriptions alone over the years, and now they get to watch their favorite game die. Sure, there are people who are happy to pay for the generic MMORPG that RuneScape has become, and there always will be, it's just sad to see one of the best MMO's of all time reduced to a state of such squalor. Jagex has wronged many people and turned RuneScape into a shadow of what it once was. RuneScape has been consumed by the bloated monster that is corporate greed, and Jagex has become a mere servant to the beast.

 I have a question for any pros on EoC. I recently started trainin melee, im at att 51, str 51, def 53, pray 43, and im using super potions and whatnot, currently im trainin on hill giants. Should i train att to 60 and then str to 60, or att to 55, str to 55, then att to 60 and str to 60? Or should I train str to 60 first? this challenge isn't great , hmm why ? here the explanation : 1. Somebody from an another country ( like me ) can't speak perfectly english or german ( i speak german very well ). 2. Somebody don't knows how to record a video. 3. Thats it

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