Wednesday, May 22, 2013

new Warchief

well considering how much NEW stuff there is to do and how many new things there are added and fixed to enhance our gaming experience I think a delay longer than usual is acceptable.  I know that Vol'Jin will be new Warchief and I'm all up for it but I much rather see Thrall back in charge, too bad he's too busy being a husband and father. sell wow accounts So that only leaves me with Baine, I think he'd make a great leader, and plus it would seem like a good move in the Horde's morale considering that Garrosh ended up killing Cairne.

Can all the stupid people asking the stupid questions try reading the release notes and the posts on line before asking your already answered questions? If you cant read you should not be playing the game in where to sell wow accounts the first place! I like my WoW too but I'm not flipping out about server maintenance... Geez just find something else to do

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