Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mod Sabre

 You use the same account to login, but will have separate characters on each server, otherwise transferring them would lose all the progress and items that you have earned since 2007! -Mod Sabre

hi mod sabre, are you playing old RS? or are you playing eoc? Which do YOU prefer? I would love to know as I like them both but have my preferences for cheap runescape accounts.

 I love this. Everything about 07scape. I just wish I could recover my account I played nearly in its entirety in that version of runescape. My main account is too far gone Into the luxuries of modern-scape. I remember spending selling runescape accounts hours mining gold or time essences in f2p servers on the account I made back in middle school. So much nostalgia. Sadly that account was stolen in December before I got JAG on it.

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