Friday, June 28, 2013

there is hacks in D3

O NOW BLIZZ ADMITS there is hacks. YET, in the first month or two they denied the constant hacks.I think people bot because.... well there's really nothing more to do.... why do the same thing over and over again when you can have a bot do it... add more content!!!! To make it fun diablo 3 gold so sone people will actually play and not bot.

Game might be ok if you got rid of the auction house, and did a server restart, or some kinda ladder system. Jay Wilson built this game to fail but you guys have the money and the resources to buy diablo 3 gold do something great. Please for the sake of one of the best game titles fix it.there's always hackers, if the blizzard is active... Diablo 3 can still last for long term, but too bad they not.... that's why the game die before a year!Yet bots run rampant on wow and you dont care due to diablo being able to make real money

 I have 2 friends who have botted the s**t out of this game and have yet to get banned so there.......that is how i know this is BS.That was the nice thing in diablo 2, if a player had a map hack to see what the whole area looked like, nobody knew but the player.

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