Monday, June 24, 2013

I like the 5.3 changes

I like the 5.3 changes.  I like that running arena on my monk, I have 15k conquest cap instead of 1.5.  I just came back from a large wow-break, and that was a pleasant surprise.

 Pvp, at least for me, isn't as complicated as Pve.  I like to do both, but due to time restraints I find it easier to pvp.  Apply slows, healing debuffs, and cc when appropriate.  There is no rotation, and there is a heavier emphasis on keeping yourself alive.

Healers probably have the easiest transition.  Just keep your group alive.  However, if you're fighting in arena you may need to get wowgold focus on instant spells.  Running away while spamming small heals is the general way to stay alive.

Arena 2v2 is easy to win points in.  Even if you're in questing grreens, if you lose enough matches you'll eventually be brought to a low mmr against other green-wearing players.  Losses don't mean anything here, and it rewards a lot of conquest.  I don't know why people are intimidated by these, but if you're looking for the loot pinata of pvp hit up some 2s.  There are people on every server willing to trade gold for points if it comes down to it.  "1000 gold if you can get me 3k conquest in 2s"  You'll have people reply.

Yes. Not because of the changes. Because my hunter needs a bunch of gear so I can help to sell wow accounts defend Ironforge from all the horde that can't figure out it's easier to get the flame and not try to fight every guard in the Explorer's league!

For those trying to get more honor in your diet, don't forget about the PvP dailies in Grizzly Hills. In the SE part of the zone, Venture Bay, there are 4 dailies you can do that will net you 50 honor a piece. One of them is for unflagged NPCs. Turn on your "low level" quest tracking so you can easily find the quest givers. One is North of the others and up on a hill.

If you are still a little leery about doing PvP right now, remember 5.4 will bring upgrades to the crafted PvP gear. Of course there will be a new discovery for it.

As far as using PvE gear goes. It's not fun. Having no PvP power really hurts. You don't last very long versus fully PvP geared folks. They seem to always know who you are and take you out quick.

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