Friday, June 21, 2013

In PvP

Well guys, If I have a warlock this notice will suck, it must be fun casting chaos bolt while kitting lol, In PvP I think this was needed (and I do 3v3 WITH a destro lock, I'm being objective), In PvE it was FINE just like before, but with this fix was needed, really needed for PvP, I THINK it's still a good choice for PvE locks (maybe the better), and you can avoid aoe with no wow gold for sale substantial loss to dps and at max speed (I don't know really) that's why I said it was a good improve, nort a nerf here; Soulstone?, Fear?, cast it like every one other class casts Hex, Poly, Rebirth, etc: standing on their foot, I don't really see the problem; the only problem I see is that you (i refer not YOU, but the "average warlock") get too used to it that now you can't imagine how to use your class without it, and it's a TALENT, not a basic class ability, this should not had happen in the first place.

Destroyed mages mastery to only effecting Fingers of Frost Ice lances and the frostfire bolt That's honeslty horrible the little buffs your giving to buy wow accounts the other spells does not nearly compensate in any manor. Guess mages were the next target to get hit by this massive nerf bat bllizz found. Feeling for you guys. Haha needed a bit of a burst nerf but not that much its a shame lawl.

Frost Mage / Frost Mage 2s comb. Both will go invisible to your and your partner asses, will root you, pop up Dps Trinket/offensive CDS, frozen orb, etc... DID YOU TRINKETED SOME !@#$?, doesn't matter, you will get rooted again instantly; did you pop up all your %^-*ing defensive cds?, doesn't matter, you will die in 3 secs.

I can tell you this: I have seen NO frost mage that doesn't open that way in a 2v2 arena, and it worked, becouse of their ridiculous burst damage plus their roots to get your !@# right were they want to to faceroll their rotation. Similar to BM hunters, VERY similar.

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