Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lodestones really need some restrictions

Jagex, I am reading your forums thread and us players are not happy with this update, as you can clearly see. If this is supposed to be the year you listen to us ("supposed to be" then please hear us out. Lodestones really need some restrictions placed at the very least. Since you do not seem to go back on implementing content I've noticed, at least do damage control with what you've done.

On a side note, I made a fresh account last week and with 1 Agility and full steel armor on I ran across the entire world before I ran out of energy. Besides shortcuts, the skill is dreadfully slow to train compared to nowadays and useless now with all these lodestones. So now my question, how do you plan on fixing
selling runescape accounts Agility?

I think the best update jagex could possibly do is scale up the entire map by a factor of at least 3. It's so small and crowded buy runescape accountit feels like a theme park rather than an actual believable world. There's no sense of adventure and exploration either. I can understand that the game was created this way because of technical limitations but that's no longer the case. No worries. It's like the Eoc, players are in both camps. Not to mention our community is really hostile for little reason.  (not talking about you; you were nice)

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