Thursday, June 13, 2013

In the Shattering

In the Shattering, it is made very clear that Moira wants to rule Ironforge. It is made very clear that she dislikes the partriarchial attitude that Dwarves have. And it is shown that Varian is the one who decrees that the Dwarves have a council -- and she is shown to be unhappy with this. In Blood in the Snow, this is all forgotten. Now she falls in line like cheap wow gold a good little soldier. I'm not saying I know where Blizzard is going with it, what I am saying is that how she acted in Blood in the Snow had no foreshadowing, no indication of her prior, very grey, character development. And I don't trust them to change that, based on the way past characters have developed.

She's very grey. She's doing what she's doing for the Forsaken. If you read her short story, there's no "I want to destroy the world, mwahahaha". That would be black. She has several motivations, some very dark (vengeance), some sympathetic (preserving her people) that interact to buy wow accounts to produce results that swerve between very dark (Koltira), and pretty light (using a hostage to end a battle before more lives were lost). She's certainly not all black -- don't be a Scarlet Crusader, and look at things from both sides.

"don't be a Scarlet Crusader, and look at things from both sides." Perhaps use that quote and apply it to your views on Moria. Fact is that no one here is Blizzard and therefore can only speculate not sell wow accounts to make such ironclad claims. I personally believe Moria saw that she cannot get her way by force so she has got to play the long game, I think she will seize the upper hand when the moment comes along and not a moment before. Politic-ing seems to be tricky game with a lot of knives in the dark.

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