Wednesday, June 19, 2013

They will ALWAYS give a 2 month notice

They will ALWAYS give a 2 month notice. Want to know the main reasoning why? People who xfer. They would be very pissed if they didn't get an announcement, because of the fact you can't get server 1st's until 60 days of being on that server. It would contradict everything blizzard has ever done anyways. I guarantee that they won't do this because the majority of the hardcore players (PVP mostly) transfer battle groups a fair amount of buying wow accounts times. And it would piss off a lot of people. I for one know if I xfer tomorrow and it gets dropped before 60 days, i would quit. A lot of people like server firsts.

That is the risk you take. To transfer now, when you know the MoP release is imminent, would not be wise. To quit playing the game, which I dont believe you would do for a second, after you decided to transfer this close to release is pretty ridiculous. Blaming Blizz and rage quitting for your own wowgold bad decision is hilarious.

Im not talking about JUST lvl 90 server firsts im talking about professions raids ect there are a LOT of server firsts not just 11. The only thing they have said was its coming out. They furthermore havent said anything about it being near. I'm still going with my better judgement and saying MoP will NOT be out before october. You are all entitled to your own opinions as am I. Im not here to argue. Bottom line my opinion is that it will not release until at least october. Thats all i was getting at.

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