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Runescape Updates

Game Updates
2013: what is coming back and what is going on

Every yr ought to begin with a resolution. Here at Jagex, our resolution for 2013 could be a massive one: to appear back over the large, game-spanning changes rs accounts for sale that we tend to created last year, check out what we tend to did right and wherever we tend to might have improved, and to put out our set up for 2013 therefore you guys area unit concerned from the beginning.

Community Involvement

Back in 2009 once I 1st set out my plans for the sport and therefore the company, I pledged that we might begin reproval you guys, and keep you within the loop once a decade of secrecy. For the primary time ever, we tend to started talking concerning a number of the comes
rs accounts for sale we tend to we tend tore acting on and therefore the variety of stuff we needed to try and do for the community. trying back over the past four years, i believe we are able to say we've got created a large amount of progress in our communications. Recent initiatives just like the live streams are very well received and - from your feedback - it feels like you want to visualize additional of those happen. still, i do know that we are able to be so much clearer and additional consistent in however we tend to sit down with you, and this is often getting to be an enormous focus in 2013.

Like the remainder of the team, I browse the forums, and sit down with players in game (in my case, on a private account) to
rs accounts for sale essentially get a way of your thoughts and feelings. whereas a number of you were very happy et al. did not feel too powerfully either means, there have been others of you UN agency felt angry, ignored, and - every now and then – even confused by Jagex’s deciding. We’ve not continuously explained ourselves well, nor listened to you to an adequate degree, and for that I’d prefer to apologise. Communications around rs accounts for sale topics like micro-payments were particularly weak, and plenty of of you were intelligibly pissed off.

We shall do additional dev blogs and live Q&As to obviously started out the problems facing US and so get your feedback directly. We’ll continue Behind the
rs accounts for sale Scene videos and additionally announce game updates earlier, as we wish you to be as excited as we tend to area unit concerning the year to return, and to offer US your thoughts and ideas as early as potential.

Bots & Gold Farmers

On average, we tend to ban over one,000 player accounts
rs accounts for sale a day for botting, and delete tons additional illegitimate trial accounts. However, our work isn't done see you later as botting remains a frustration for US all.

Our anti-bot technical school enhancements launched in 2012 area unit a vast revolution, not only for US, except for the trade as a full. It's place US well sooner
rs accounts for sale than the technology utilized by larva developers. However, our communications round the launch of phytology Bay didn’t mirror that we wanted to roll this technology out bit by bit, since for good forbiddance accounts needs systems that area unit completely fool-proof. phytology Bay has not however created full use of our new anti-bot systems, however we tend to area unit trying forward to rolling them out. I’m excited to visualize the success that BotWatch has already had against bots and gold farmers.

We do apprehend for a reality there area unit so much fewer players botting currently in game than there have been back in 2011. However, what’s enraging is that this improvement has been undermined by the sizable increase in gold farming bots. So, in 2013, we are
rs accounts for sale going to even be adding a parallel strategy to specifically target gold farmers and connected illicit RWT activities. We’ll be talking additional concerning this presently.


The Squeal of Fortune (and, to a lesser extent, Solomon’s General Store) has continuously been a heated topic of dialogue. I won’t sugar-coat this: these additions were - and area unit - very important for growing RuneScape. They allowed US to double the dimensions of RuneScape’s team and maintain the near-weekly game updates. Also, we've place the cash we've earned from
rs accounts for sale these back to RuneScape technology and infrastructure, with the main focus on confronting lag, up audio and graphical quality. you will see these massive investments very coming back into play in 2013.

What's additional, though not everybody likes micro-payments, a number of you appreciate the extra alternative and customisation choices they provide.

However, we are able to do higher. every now and then in 2012, it felt just like the SoF and SGS unharnesss dominated our release schedule and news feed, which a number of the content simply did not want RuneScape. The team is actually moving towards {a better|a far better|a much better|a higher|a stronger|a additional robust|an improved} balance as time
rs accounts for sale has gone on: I hope you will agree that our more moderen micro-payment updates area unit more in tune with the broader game, which we've not discharged a micro-payment update on every week with no different content.


Looking back, we tend to undoubtedly had too several promotions and giveaways in 2012. tho' we tend to rigorously balanced the Squeal of Fortune, promotions like Sizzling Summer gave away an excessive amount of. i believe we tend to got the festal Aura & Winter Weekends concerning right, though. In 2013 we are going to be additional cautious: these events ought to feel
rs accounts for sale special and produce the community along, therefore we'll build them less frequent, additional fun and make sure that they do not undermine your hard-earned achievements.

Evolution of Combat

It was physicist UN agency aforementioned “anyone UN agency has ne'er created miscalculation has ne'er tried something new.” The Evolution of Combat was new territory for all people - a vast amendment to the core of the sport, and a re-balance of just about all combat
rs accounts for sale gear and monsters. Keeping the sport contemporary for years to return means that making an attempt new things; overall I’m happy with the updated combat system and actually believe it is a amendment for the higher within the end of the day.

The EoC beta (another 1st for RuneScape) had overrun four months of your feedback, with Brobdingnagian amounts of reconciliation and revision of the content. However, trying back this was clearly still not enough for such an enormous update. Despite the beta it’s clear we tend to didn’t absolutely appreciate the extent to that everybody would need to adapt to the new gameplay.

Like any key a part of the sport, we are going to still refine the EoC for you. we've got a team of developers dedicated to paying attention to your feedback and
rs accounts for sale creating the on-going enhancements needed.

Two months in, we’re glad to visualize you mastering the combat system and enjoying its exciting enhancements. However, we tend to appreciate it hasn’t been a simple transition for everybody and that i apologise for that; we tend to still have work to try and do, and
rs accounts for sale that we have learned the necessity to be even additional careful and responsive within the future.

Game Updates

Reflecting on the sport updates of 2012, we’re pretty happy: Daily Challenges, the Runespan, Bonfires, Social person and therefore the massive Chinchompa additional underclassman, additional social ways that to travel concerning skilling. The Queen Black Dragon, monster & dungeon reworks, beverage flasks and Player-Owned Ports additional masses additional to try and do at high levels. Quests additionally compete a awfully positive half, with impressive storytelling and voice acting.

We area unit terribly keen on creating 2013 your year. this implies supplying you with what you want: pregnant quests, new dungeons, epic events and new skills. It additionally means that creating enhancements to existing content and technical enhancements to the sport, creating it power tool and higher trying than ever before. however crucially, 2013 is concerning guaranteeing
rs accounts for sale that your arduous-earned heritage is revered – everything you have done and worked therefore hard to attain can stay as wonderful and relevant because it has ever been.

I don’t believe we’ve ever truly thanked our members for serving to US to create RuneScape into the unimaginable game it's these days, to not mention providing a very free game
rs accounts for sale for a lot of players. So, a awfully massive ‘thank you’ to our members from myself, the RS team and therefore the free community.

Lastly, i would like to mention many thanks for enjoying RuneScape! Our purpose and fervour is to advance this game for you! Your feedback - and your criticism - is what helps US to
rs accounts for sale with confidence take the sport into 2013 and on the far side, therefore please keep it coming!

As always, have fun!

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