Thursday, January 31, 2013

Get Free Runescape Accounts

With the development of Runescape, a lot of trades have emerged, such as Runescape accounts trading, Runescape gold sales and so on. This has advantages and disadvantages for Runescape players. On one hand, players don’t need to spend much time to train their skill if they buy a good Runescape account from internet. There are many websites can provide Runescape accounts, I prefer the farmer100 for its perfect service. On the other hand, there exist some scam sites which will cheat your money but give you nothing. Some other sites claim can give you a free Runescape account. When you survey one like this, you should also be careful, it likely to give you a fake free Runescape account. So, is there any reliable place to get a free Runescape account? The answer is yes.

The first good place is runescape official website. You can register a free Runescape account on it. It’s fast and safe, but the level is low and you need to take a long time to get the free Runescape account rich and level up.

Another good place is Runescape forums. There are many Runescape players there to share experience, Runescape guides, and tips and even donate free Runescape account. If you get a good free Runescape account, you will find it is the easiest way of making Runescape money and training Runescape skills.

Remember you can chat with Runescape players in the game? Right, you can use the shout box in Runescape, some high level players will respond and give you a free Runescape account if they have another account they won’t use any more. If you are so lucky, you can get what your desired.

For playing Runescape is very hard and long, many Runescape player want to get a good Runescape account to save time and enjoy the pleasure. If you can get a good free Runescape account, it’s awesome. If not, you can get a cheap Runescape account on which has more than 5 years experience.

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