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Ecto-tokens in Runescape

To get Ecto-tokens you wish to worship Ectofuntus. Fill your inventory with 9 buckets, nine pots, and 9 bones. you furthermore mght should be carrying a Ghost Speak cheap runescape accounts charm to urge Ecto Tokens. Head to the Ectofuntus (use your world map if you're having bother finding it), it's placed simply north of Port Phasmatys. Once you're there, follow these fast steps:

First head to the side of the area and climb the steps. you'll notice a loader there that you simply will use your bones on. do that then right click on the grinder and choose
cheap runescape accounts "wind bone grinder." Right click on the bin next to the grinder and choose "empty bin." one amongst your pots can top off with bone meal. Repeat this for all 9 pots.
Head backtrack the steps and go down
cheap runescape accounts the trapdoor at the side of the area.
This area has many floors, however all you have got to try and do is walk round the area to urge to subsequent steps. Head all the way down to the lowest wherever
cheap runescape accounts you'll notice a pool of slime. Use your bucket on this ninefold.
Head back to the most floor and right click on the Ectofuntus within the middle of the area. choose worship and one bucket of slime together with one pot of bone meal are empty.
Worship the Ectofuntus ninefold and retrieve your Ecto-token from the Ghost follower standing within the area. You get 5 Ecto-tokens for every worship, in order
cheap runescape accounts that adds up to a complete of forty five tokens! yet again, ensure you're carrying your Ghost Speak charm or this step won't work.
What area unit Ecto-tokens used for?

Ecto-tokens area unit most noted for being required within the Ghosts Ahoy quest, though they're required for all the subsequent quests:

Ghosts Ahoy needs thirty one or additional Ecto-tokens to
cheap runescape accounts complete.
Animal Magnetism needs twenty tokens to complete.
Creature of Frankenstrain needs 2 tokens to complete. However, it doesn't need any if Ghosts Ahoy has already been completed.
Making History needs 2 tokens to complete
cheap runescape accounts, however yet again not required if Ghosts Ahoy is already finished.
Rocking Out needs twenty five tokens to complete.
You can purchase a visit to Dragontooth Island for twenty five Ecto-tokens.
After beguilement, you'll purchase and Undead Chicken for ten tokens.
Last, you'll pay 5 Ecto-tokens for ale-yeast. this
cheap runescape accounts is often a whole chisel considering the Grand Exchange worth for ale-yeast is thirty coins.
Alright! currently you recognize the way to get Ecto-tokens and what they're used for. Have fun!

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