Friday, January 18, 2013

Forgotten Runescape Accounts Login Details?

I've forgotten my password and have a registered email.
Having an email registered to your account makes password recovery a lot quicker, to recover an account which has a registered email just follow these steps:
1. Go to
2. Click on Login
3. Click on Forgot Password.
4. Enter your login (this may be the email address with which you created the account. THIS IS NOT YOUR DISPLAY NAME)
5. You will now be asked to enter the email address currently registered to the account

You have 6 attempts to correctly enter the registered email address. If you cannot remember the address after 6 attempts you will have to wait 1 hour to try again.

When you have successfully entered your registered email address you will get a message informing you that 'we have sent you an email'.

Please go to the email account you have just entered, and find the email from us. Remember to check your junk/spam folders. This email should take no longer than 5 minutes to arrive.

When the email arrives, click the link in the email and set your new password.

And you're all done - we'll send you another email to confirm the password change.

Congratulations on changing your password! runescape accounts

I have forgotten my password and don't have a registered email.
To recover an account which does not have a registered email, you will need to submit an appeal.

Please note that the response time for this is slower than for recovering an account with a registered email.
1. Go to
2. Click on 'Login'
3. Click on Forgot Password.
4. Enter your login (this may be the email address with which you created the account. This is not your display name)
5. You will now be taken to the Appeal Form. Here you need to provide the earliest information possible. Remember it's imperative that you enter a current email address which you have access to into the form. This is where the appeal result will be sent.
6. Once you have filed in all the information that you know, press the "Send to Jagex" button at the bottom of the screen.
7. Submitted your appeal.

Your appeal has now been submitted and will be reviewed by a member of Jagex customer support as soon as possible. Please note that in busy periods this can take several hours, however the Jagex aims to get an answer you within 30 minutes.

Your appeal result will be sent to you by email so keep an eye on your email inbox. Please remember to check your junk/spam folders for the email.

If your appeal has been Accepted it will contain a link to set a new password. If it has been Denied you will be able to find reasons why your appeal was not successful and will be able to try again.

Once completed, the email address that you received your 'accept message' on, will now become the registered email for that account, and be used for any runescape accounts settings changes in future.

I forgotten my email.
We all get forgetful from time to time, so if you have forgotten which email address is registered to your account, don't panic! We have a couple of ways for you to find out.

1. Click the "Profile & Settings" link at the bottom of the page and log into your account.
2. Go to the "Email & Communication Preferences" section and click the link to change your email. This will send an email to the account registered to your RuneScape account, so check through all of your email accounts (including spam/junk) for an email from Jagex titled "Email Address Change Request"
3. Once you find the email you can either follow the instructions to change your email address or leave it.

If you have lost access to your email address please follow these steps:
If you cannot access your email address, please try and recover your email address (through your email provider or system administrator).
If an intruder has changed the email address, read the ‘An intruder has changed my email address’ article.

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