Tuesday, January 15, 2013

JAG Security Questions

What happens is I forget my security questions?
Your security questions cannot be changed once set. We strongly advise that you choose memorable but hard to guess answers. If you are unable to recall your security answers, you will not be able to make any further changes to JAG; this includes adding and removing devices.

When making changes to JAG, will the security questions always be asked in the same order?
No, JAG will ask you for your security answers in a random order. Please ensure you can recall all the answers to your questions.

What happens if someone logs into my account on a unauthoried device?
You will be sent an email if an unauthorised device tries to log into the game using your account they will be asked to go through the additional security checks. Failure to pass those checks means they won’t get into your account.

What happens if someone steals my password and I have Jagex Account Guardian enabled?
Scan your computer for any viruses and reset your password. Any unauthorised devices will need to pass security checks before they are given access to the game. You can find more information on account security in our Support Centre.

What happens if someone else learns my security questions?
We strongly recommend that you keep your security questions a secret and do not tell anyone else as they will be used when making any changes to JAG settings. Be aware of phishing scams trying to steal your security information and keylogging viruses that can record your key strokes – Test your knowledge in Phishing quiz to learn more.

What happens to my recovery questions and answers?
When you enable JAG, your old recovery questions and answers will be replaced with your new JAG security questions and answers. The new security questions can only be set once and cannot be changed, which makes them a safer option.

Where can I get more advice about keeping my account secure?
For more tips about keeping your account secure, take a look at the Account Help section of the Support Centre.

If I diable and re-enable JAG, do my questions stay the same?
Yes, as a security feature your original security questions and answers will always remain on your account, even if you disable and then re-enable JAG. In fact when re-enabling it, you will be asked your security questions again.

I would like different security questions than those currently on JAG?
The security questions were carefully selected for security, however if you think there should be additional questions, please post your suggestions in the JAG forum thread for consideration.
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