Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cool Runescape Accounts

Want to been much cool in Runescape,this time I would like to tell you how can you do it ,so just come on:


1) DO NOT EVER WEAR MEDIUM HELMS! These are the noobiest piece of armour avaliable… Not even dragon medium. Dragon is not an excuse to wear medium helmets…!!!!

2) Don't walk around thinking you're the richest because you've hit 1M. Average for somene is probably 20M+

3) Don't advertise for a boyfriend/girlfriend on Runescape…This is firstly sad and secondly disgusting. The chances of the character being good-looking in reality is just about 0? Think about the variety of people what play Runescape. You might be going out with a 40 year old when you're 13, and that is just unimaginable. Another thing is…GO GET A REAL GIRLFRIEND! ONLINE GFS DO NOT BRING PLEASURE.

4) If you insist on wearing ugly items like elite black armour, please have the decency to hide in the corner of Runescape and not walk into Varrock Centre. Buy runescape accounts

5) Do not sing songs on Runescape. There happens to be no tune on Runescape so it is impossible for someone to understand that you are singing. In real life, it's likely you won't even dare to open your mouth for fear of someone seeing all your cavitys


1) OKAY Always if you see a noob make sure to make his life hell, insult him as much as possible and make sure not to leave a shred of self-esteem in him. Any rebuttal from the noob is counted as filth and just ignore it.

2) Wear hot items instead of armour while skilling. What idiot wears bandos armour to woodcut? Wear sexy looking items e.g Gnome Scarf, Runecrafting robes, Crystal Shield etc…

3) If you see something in the party box that is expensive and you have one in your bank. Make sure to spam that you got it and trade everyone and show them your own. Also say that you were the one that put it in there. This gains respect which is really priceless. BAHAHHA

4) Now another important part into being cool in Runescape…Have cool friends. Don't mistake this for girlfriends just friends! Make them follow you and now you've got an army ready to crush anyone.

5) This is the most important part…When you're finally a professional at Runescape and have millions with the best armour…Go back to bronze ! You read right..Bronze Armour is the best that a high level can wear! THIS IS THE ONLY TIME YOU WEAR MEDIUM HELMETS!!! If you're creative make it even more disgusting e.g. BRONZE MED HELM, BLACK MACE (NOOBIEST WEAPON), GREEN DRAGONHIDE CHAPS, IRON PLATEBODY

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